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Marathon training will have to wait

Most of my family members have been sick over the Christmas holidays (with the exception of the 4-year old who has a freakliy strong immune system).  I made sure that I didn’t brag on Twitter, Facebook or on the blog that I never get sick but those bragging thoughts must have been enough – I am sick.

I started feeling a bit off last Thursday already but went to work and CrossFit for 2 days, ran on Sunday and didn’t actually feel too bad by Monday morning. Then after half a day in a stuffy office I realised that I can’t deny it anymore – I needed to initiate ‘rest mode’ and pause the ‘training mode’.

Ughhh… The main reason I don’t like being sick is that it messes with my training! 🙂 I even took my CrossFit gear with me today with a plan to maybe go at lunchtime, but that didn’t happen. My first German class was on tonight right after work but that didn’t happen either. I crawled home and silently upstairs without the kids noticing me and straight into bed.

That didn’t last long but it was a very nice 5 minutes.

Tomorrow is my part-time day off and I was so looking forward to my 15k run but I would be a bit stupid to do it, I think. Even though I know that during that run I will feel amazing, I always do. I just keep telling myself that I will still be able to jump onto the training schedule next week when I know this cold has passed for good. I am not starting from nothing so I can afford to take a week off at this point…

But it’s frustrating feeling rubbish and just wanting to eat Ryvitas and cheese for dinner every night 😐 Gluten AND dairy, Oh My!

Oh well, can’t be a superwoman every day 🙂

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    January 8, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    Definitely take care of yourself – the last thing you need is to set yourself back because you didn’t take a couple days off. This early in the game, you’re marathon training will be fine.

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