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If you’re going too fast, slow down…

Richmond Park

After the rather tiring weekend came rather tiring 3 days. I think the kids are also sick of the cold weather – they keep asking me when summer is coming, when we’re going to Estonia (we usually have a long holiday there in July/August) and they are visibly grumpier than usual.

Last night I disappeared under the covers of my bed as soon as they were asleep and considered not getting up until the next morning. A million thoughts were racing through my head, I was feeling the weight of responsibility really heavy on my shoulders all of a sudden – the responsibility of raising children, the responsibility of being a grown-up and rushing around all the time from job to parenting to running to CrossFit to German lessons after work…  I love it all but I felt tired and overwhelmed.

I laid there in the darkness for a couple of minutes but then started thinking about an amazing book I’d just finished, Scott Jurek’s “Eat & Run”.  His father always used to tell him that “sometimes you just do things” and I decided to just drag myself out of bed and snap out of the funk… because sometimes we just have to do things…

However, I decided to slow down.  I didn’t go to German after work today and came straight home to see the kids.  I am not doing a long run this weekend and will just concentrate on chill time with the family.  The kids were awesome tonight and getting home at 6 instead of 8 like on usual language class days means that I don’t feel as wrecked.

Sometimes you just do things. And sometimes you just slow down, let a few things slide and smell the roses.

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    February 8, 2013 at 6:23 am

    Whilst not juggling as much as you when I feel overwhelmed I just ask myself which bits will I not care about when I am dead. It makes me realise which bits are important and which can be forgotten about for a while.
    Enjoy your weekend.

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