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CrossFit, CrossFit, how I missed you

I had dreams about CrossFit while I was away from London for a month. That’s how badly I missed it. One night I dreamt about breaking into my old high school at night to use the rope in the gym to do some rope climbs!

The plan after returning to London was to start CrossFit three times a week and FINALLY GET TOTALLY BUFF! But so far it’s only worked out twice a week like before 🙁

Last week I was so sore by Thursday that I skipped that day and went on Friday (I made a mistake of going for a run AND to a Spikes&Heels class on the Wednesday). This week I have caught a head cold from some of my other family members which has zapped my energy, and I skipped CrossFit again today, leaving just Thursday and Friday sessions this week (I don’t work on Wednesdays so I’m nowhere near my box on those days).

I’m hardly ever sick so I’m not used to not being able to exercise because of it. I agonised today until the last minute whether I should go or not. In the end I thought that if I wasn’t able to give it 100% I’d rather skip it, get better and give it my all on Thursday and Friday. Yesterday I ran 13km and really didn’t feel well, I didn’t want to feel that crap at CrossFit today.

Thursday’s session’s going to hit me with the athlete level testing that’s on every month 😐  I came pretty close to getting into the Intermediate level last time but this time I’m pretty sure I’m not going to pass having had a month off and now this cold.  The elements are 800m run, double unders, ring dips, skin the cat, air squats, handstand hold, back squat, shoulder press, tall clean, Jackie.  I think the weights will be ok for me but the ring dips, skin the cat and possibly double unders, as I’m out of practice, will fail me.

For me CrossFit has never been about achieving some label though, I just go because it’s so much freaking fun (it was good for my ego though that last week two coaches wrote my name on the board with blue – meaning they both thought I was no longer a green newbie :).

Hopefully this cold will leave soon so I can finally start going three times a week and start getting stronger and stronger. Marathon training isn’t on until January, until then I want to focus on CrossFit. There are so many challenges yet to conquer (double unders, pull ups, ring dips, pisols, etc.) and I can’t wait to start ticking them off The List of Things I Cannot Do.

And just a little fun video to end this post:

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    August 28, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    I loved the video – Crossfit looks so much fun, I need to try and find a local class…By the looks of things I use some of the moves in my circuit training already but I most certainly don’t lift very heavy and my burpee’s are slooowww mo!
    Anyway…I really feel your pain with the head cold – I’m struggling with a week off running etc due to this stinking run down head cold type illness.
    Go kick ass tomorrow – Because there’s a good chance you may not fail like you think! 🙂

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      August 28, 2013 at 12:18 pm

      My burpees are always slow mo 🙂 Especially when they’re in between things like wall balls or pull ups!

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