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7 days, 8 workouts

Life’s busy but the good news is that our renovation should finish in about 2 weeks. It started 6 months ago so I’m more than ready for it to be over and some kind of order returning to my life.

I prioritise exercise after everything I have to do re work, kids and the house, so blogging isn’t very regular at the moment. I’m sure you don’t mind though because there are a gazillion great blogs out there to read 🙂 (If you don’t know many, go to my Bloglovin page and check out either my followers or the similar blogs)

Since all I do at the moment is either hassle the kids about homework or clean building dust off every surface in my house or exercise, I’m going to blog about what’s most exciting – exercise 🙂

After a rest day following the Royal Parks Half Marathon, I hit the ground running again.

On Tuesday it was Crossfit:


On Wednesday it was a short run after school drop-off (I don’t work on Wednesdays):


Followed by Bikram:


I’m enjoying the hot yoga although the smell of all the sweat gets to me sometimes. It doesn’t even smell like BO as such, it smells like ammonia.  It feels good to sweat so much though, I feel so clean afterwards.

On Thursday it was back to Crossfit for some much needed upper body work:


On Friday I back squatted up to 60kg as part of our sets and only later looked up my stats to see that my previous back squat 1 rep max was 57.5kg 😀 :


Saturday was a busy day with domestic stuff so I only managed to swim a bit when we were at the pool with the kids:


On Sunday it bucketed down rain the entire day but I managed to squeeze in a run in the afternoon when it wasn’t raining very heavily:


And today it’s Monday again and Crossfit time:


Pistols are painful but no pain, no gain. Dumbbell snatches were awesome. I felt like a machine 🙂

Tomorrow I have a busy day at work with meetings but I’m hoping to squeeze in a 8km run at lunchtime. I just do not know how to take rest days anymore – I figure 1 day a week, which is usually Saturday, is enough 🙂

So that’s been my week. Did you notice I have a new blog header? 😉

Have a great week!

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