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(Cat safe) house plants for cleaner air

I’m sure I’ve mentioned once, twice, or a gazillion times that we’re living in a construction zone at the moment. The Renovation started precisely 6 months and 1 week ago. It’s still happening.

After breathing in renovation dust and now paint fumes, I’m trying not to panic about what it’s doing to us and am trying to keep the air in the house as clean as possible. Thankfully the weather is still quite mild so we constantly have ALL the windows and the back door open. I’ve also bought an air purifier machine and some house plants.

The plants are the nicest air cleaning helpers (much better than the noisy machine) but whereas there are a lot of them that are very good at cleaning all kinds of toxins out of the air, most of them are poisonous to cats and we happen to have one 🙁

After a bit of research, I found some house plans though that are not too hideous and are not dangerous to cats.

1. Spider plant | 2. Areca Palm | 3. Boston Fern | 4. Bamboo Palm | 5. Rubber plant | 6. Bromeliads

I have bought a big Areca Palm as they’re supposedly the most effective when it comes to air cleaning and some spider plants are on my list to get next. I think I even want one for my office as the air-conditioned air there feels totally suffocating.

So other than opening windows to get in fresh air (as much as that’s possible in London 😐 ), plants and electric air purifiers, are there any other air cleaning tips anyone knows about? After 6 months of living in a renovation my lungs are craving the cleanest air possible.

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