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Portrait of a boy at 5

My youngest son is so different in character from everyone else in our family. As much as I don’t really pay attention to horoscopes, so often we just shake our heads and mumble “typical Scorpio.”

He’s intelligent and passionate (aka fiery). He’s doing extremely well at school and has many friends, but he doesn’t do anything by half measures – he has best friends but some other classmates he “hates”… he loves to do his homework but if something doesn’t turn out perfectly the first time around, he throws it all aside (and it takes a while to talk him into completing it with a bit of guidance).

He is very strong willed and has a tendency to boss his brother around a lot. At the same time he’s very emotional – he does not like it when I raise my voice at him or even his brother – he often ends up in tears if I do. He often bursts into tears if I even look at him in a stern way or if anyone mentions that one day he’ll be a grown-up and won’t live at home anymore. I’m making sure that as much of a little trouble maker and bossy pants that he is, that I let him know how much I love him all the time and cuddle him / carry him around / play with him alone every day. Scorpios supposedly need/take a bit of time to become secure in their relationships with their loved ones, but once they do they should be ok as they grow up 🙂

So just as he’s the little tough guy, he’s also the little softie. He loves playing with armed-to-the-teeth Lego Hero Factory figures but he also loves stuffed animals and his two Barbies.

He loves to draw and to write. He loves pasta. A lot. He loves chickpeas. He doesn’t eat sandwiches (which means preparing his lunches is a bit of a pain). He loves anything sweet. He loves to swim and to dive. He loves wearing his school uniform, especially his tie and blazer. He hates having his hair cut. He loves hearing stories about how he was in my tummy and throws a tantrum every time his brother talks about a time in our family’s life before he came to the scene. He gets annoyed when people eat with their mouth open yet he himself makes quite a bit of noise doing most things that he does (he has a good memory for song lyrics and likes to belt them out – I don’t mind as long as he’s not singing “Saxy Lady!” a la Psy on the streets or in the bus!)

He doesn’t like to walk so most of the time we pull him along on his scooter. He fights with his brother often, yet when he’s not around, he keeps asking when he’s coming home. He hates when his peers (or his brother) laughs at him. He doesn’t understand that sometimes it’s because he’s funny, not because he’s being made fun of.

At school he is very well behaved but at home he hardly ever says please or thank you without being prompted. It’s therefore moreso sweeter when he does or when he tells any one of us that he loves us.

He is tough, he is soft, he is bossy, he is sweet. He makes us laugh, he makes us swear (silently :). I will not be surprised if he gives us a few grey hairs in the future (I can see him being into extreme sports :|) but I’m sure he’ll always land on his feet. Scorpios are resilient types.

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    November 11, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Welll, time flies, doesn’t it? Happy b’day!

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    November 10, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    i love your photo! And i can’t believe he is 5 years old!

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