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Crossfit during holidays

Before leaving for our Australian holiday, I got in touch with a friend of mine in Canberra who does Crossfit to ask her about boxes there. It turned out that the one that she herself goes to is a 5 min walk from my mother-in-law’s house (and a 10 minute walk from my old office so in an area well-known to me).

= totally perfect

Once we recovered from jetlag we made our way over to Crossfit 2600 one morning at 9:30 and in total ended up doing 6 sessions there during the 13 days we were in Canberra.

It was very interesting to work out in a new box. It was all so new and shiny 🙂 (like most things are in Australia) and there were some house rules that I’m not used to: with the exception of single reps of deadlifts, no dropping of weights was allowed, finishing a rep in good form just as important as starting it with good form (if finished badly – no rep!), if you started packing away your equipment before everyone had finished their WOD – 30 burpees!, everyone used weight lifting belts, everyone wiped their equipment clean at the end of the session.

I like all of those rules and practices as I like to be tidy and I don’t drop weights normally (I don’t like noise :),  I even bought myself a lifting belt because I liked how it made me engage my core a lot more when weights got heavy.

With the help of the belt I got a few weightlifting PBs – I back squatted 75kg and deadlifted 97.5kg), I also did my very first strict pull up during these holidays and got to practice kipping pull ups – I’m thinking my brain finally gets the movement, now I just need to work a bit more on strength.

Heavy weights aside, the WODs were intense in +30°C heat and I was amazed that no one took their shirt off! In my box here in London the shirts are flying off as soon as it’s 10°C outside, I never knew the Brits were such show offs!

All in all it was great seeing a different box, experience a little bit of a different approach and be able to work out during the holidays, especially since running was pretty much out due to the temperatures, altitude and hills.

Next time I’m back in my old hometown Canberra, Crossfit 2600 is the place I’ll definitely go back to.

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    John Craft
    January 7, 2014 at 6:58 pm

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