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Boys, boys, boys. They get better with age.

When I talk about my kids you will never hear me say things like “Oh I wish they would stop growing up so fast!” or “I really miss when they were babies.” I’m totally the opposite, even before they were born I often caught myself thinking “I can’t wait until they’re teenagers”.

Crazy, I know. I’m sure they will be a little less cuddly and a lot more grumpy when they are teenagers but so far what I’ve experienced is this – children only get better / more fun / less messy / more interesting / awesomer to hang out with the older they get.

My oldest son will be 9 in a month and whereas I do often wonder where the heck did the time go, every evening when his brother has gone to bed and it’s just us hanging out I think how great it is.

Firstly, he eats almost normal grown up food now, even ‘weird’ things like tinned sardines, grilled fish, chilli squid, brussel sprouts, etc. Also, he moans and whines a lot less, he throws tantrums a lot less, he says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ more often AND he gives me a foot massage when I say I’m tired.

We have a no screen rule from Monday to Friday evening, but sometimes in the evenings when the 5-yr old is asleep, we let the older one watch a bit of TV with us. The other day we watched Sherlock and it was good fun despite him asking every 2 minutes “What’s going to happen next?” as if we’d seen it already. 🙂

Last couple of nights we have watched the bouldering world championships and he really enjoyed that,  not once asking for that darn Boomerang cartoon channel that the boys watch first thing on Saturday mornings (where they show regular grown-up kinds of commercials which has resulted in the 5-year old’s new favourite toy being a bottle of Cillit Bang because which 5-year old boy can resist something that apparently goes “Bang!” and “Boom!” and has TURBO speed).

Anyway, such is life with kids. And I really am actually looking forward to when they’re teenagers. I’m sure that in the midst of all the hormonal angst there will be good days as well… and I can’t wait to go running long distances with them and drag them to Crossfit! (Or join them in whatever sport they decide they want to be doing. Unless it’s rugby. Or diving. Or skydiving. I’m definitely not skydiving.)

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    January 29, 2014 at 11:16 am

    I feel the same way, I much prefer them as they get older… the baby stage is just so all-encompassing and exhausting. Although, I was a cow as a teenager, so not sure what Izz is going to be like in 9-10 years… hmm, perhaps I’m better off in denial than thinking about it yet 🙂

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      January 31, 2014 at 12:16 pm

      Not a lot of women say they are not baby-people – most of them lament the baby days being over… Something I don’t get at all! 🙂

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    January 18, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Hear! Hear! I totally agree, I have boys of 11 and 7 and it is so much better and I hope that it gets better even more! The older one can actually take himself (by bus) into training or home from school, be 2 weeks at summer sportscamps and very occasionally we can leave them both home by themselves so me and hubby can go running together! When my oldest was 9 I went to Bremen with him and besides the city’s very good science museum I managed to do some shopping, eat in restaurants (he likes mussels, squid, calamari, loves octopus!), so we can go and eat seafood! Basically I can have a little bit my life back as well! Love older kids!

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      January 21, 2014 at 8:57 am

      So nice to read! Some days I think I’m the only non-baby person out there.

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