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Marathon training: Week 4 – Less miles, more Crossfit :D

Last week was a reduced mileage week but that meant I used the opportunity and did three Crossfit sessions instead of two. As a result the legs probably worked just as hard as they have been since this marathon training officially kicked off.

The runs were all good this week and my left leg is still feeling fine – stretching every evening seems to be working for now. I noticed that sometimes at the start of my runs I feel a tiny little ankle niggle on my left side but that usually goes after the first 5 minutes.

As for Crossfit this week, it was totally insane and totally awesome. On Tuesday we did 3 rounds of 400m run + 10 over the box jumps + 10 toes to rings with a 2 min rest between rounds. Afterwards there were lots of banded chin ups and push ups (10 rounds of 30 sec on, 30 sec off). My weak upper body so hates these workouts but so needs them at the same time.

Thursday’s WOD was the hardest I’ve done in a long time. After doing back squats up to 65kg we did a workout of 10 – 1 of toes to rings alternating with 1-10 of push ups – that means 10 toes to rings, 1 push up, 9 toes to rings, 2 push ups, etc.

I was the last one to finish, I had to put my knees down for the last 5 push ups and even then I could only do one at a time 😐 … while the entire class was around me cheering 😐 It’s a good thing I don’t get embarrassed easily and considering I was the only girl doing full push ups, it was all good. But man, those last 10 push ups were so.freaking.hard.

With that I thought the hardest workout of the week was over but Friday came with my longest WOD ever. It was a team one but the rest & recovery periods were only minimal as everything was high intensity and we kept switching often:

1. Row 2.5km (we broke this up into 500m each at a time and 250 at the end)
2. Airdyne bike 40 Cals (actually really hated that bike 😐 I could only do 4-5 calories before my legs wouldn’t move any more)
3. Run 12 x 100m with 6kg med ball (switch every 100m – this one was the easiest)
4. Sled drag 8 x 100m – 30kg on the sled (switch every 100m – this one was ok although I walked more than I ran)
5. 75 wall balls (I did 40)

My team mate was a very fit Aussie chick who mentioned that she also runs a few ultras a year, “just to do something”. Crossfit certainly brings all the (fitness) crazies to the yard 😀

Today I’m resting and tomorrow another week of go-go-go, run-run-run, lift-lift-lift, stretch-stretch-stretch will start. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Total workouts for this weeks in summary:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Crossfit
  • Wednesday: 15.51km at 5.48 min/km pace; Bikram
  • Thursday: Crossfit
  • Friday: Crossfit; 5km at 4:49 pace
  • Saturday: 10km at 5:44 pace
  • Sunday: Bouldering; 10km at 5:06 pace

Total: 40.51km

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