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New kit for my iPad

I love companies that either donate a percentage of their profits to charity or donate to good causes in other ways. One of my long time favourites is Sevenly and now I’ve discovered another company that makes a great product and gives back to the world. They are called KUJALI and they make  beautiful (and functional) covers for iPad minis

The KUJALI classic iPad mini cover has an awesome suede red interior (it’ll make you want to stroke it, I promise :), a hand strap, a kickstand functionality and all around protection for your iPad.

Great for reading books, catching up on the blogworld or showing the kids “What does the fox say?” for the 75th time.

The great story behind this product is this: every cover bought provides either a mosquito net for a child in Africa (one net actually protects on average 2 children), or a treatment tablet where children have already contracted malaria.

KUJALI works directly with humanitarian organisations who are on the ground and know where the nets and medicine are needed most, and every distribution is tracked so that it’s always known who has benefited from them.

Beautiful, useful AND kind. How awesome is that?

Thank you KUJALI for letting me review this product.

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