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Almonds for athletes

This week I’m taking tapering very seriously – I exercise very little, I had The World’s Best Nap on my (Wednes)day off work and I eat a lot (of good quality food).

My main carbo loading foods are sweet potatoes and rice, but I also eat loads of veg and protein at the moment and I snack on almonds like there’s no tomorrow.

Almonds are high in calories but when marathon training one does not have to think about calories, other than Give-Me-All-the-Calories! And in general it’s not the amount of calories that really matters for your health, it’s the source of those calories and the nutrients in them that matter.

Almonds give us protein and carbs (food for the muscles), vitamin E (good for the skin and the brain), manganese (good for bones and for regulating blood sugar), magnesium (good for muscle and nerve function, blood sugar and blood pressure control), flavonoids (=antioxidants), monounsaturated fats (decrease inflammation that is the byproduct of hard training).

Almonds = total “superfood” for athletes.

(and yes, I’m using the way-overused word “superfood” AND calling myself an “athlete” – my blog, my rules 🙂

Thank you Blue Diamond for sending me a box of unsweetened almond milk (perfect for my porridge, smoothies and coffees), and natural and salted almonds to snack on. They did not last very long – I especially liked the ones that were roasted in their shells – fun and easy to crack open and delicious.

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