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Not training for anything, just having fun

After training for 2 marathons from January to May, I am really enjoying not training for anything specific at the moment.

I have a half marathon in 10 days and a 5km race in a month but I don’t usually race in the summer so I know no records are going to be broken. Therefore I’m not even thinking about either one of those events. I’m just going to swing it and enjoy it.

Today I have a day off work and instead of a usual run, I ran to a Crossfit box nearby, did a class for an hour and ran back home. Outside it’s 25°C and inside the box was even hotter, but it was still great fun. We did back squats and then a workout involving pull ups, wall balls and double unders (I did singles of course, I’m yet to fully crack the double unders).

What I love about Crossfit is that you can walk into any box and just jump right in. I really really wish that box did drop-ins so I could go on Wednesdays or on weekends but they don’t… and I’m not yet ready to make a permanent change. I will be visiting them on a regular basis though because I’ve signed the boys up for the kids class on Saturdays. The first one we’re trying out is on the 21st. I hope they love it.

Anyway, if you are in SW London, check out Crossfit Bold in Earlsfield. They have women’s only classes as well and classes where you can bring your babies along. If Crossfit weren’t so expensive, I’d be signed up there as well as at my regular box near my office. It really is a lot.of.fun.

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    Crossfit Kids @ Crossfit Bold | mind over matter
    June 30, 2014 at 8:12 am

    […] I did a drop-in at Crossfit Bold in Earlsfield a while ago, I found out that they had kids classes on Saturdays. I immediately signed up my boys […]

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