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These legs are made for running

It was a total surprise to see the ginormous word RUN on the background of my race photos from Sunday’s Run Hackney half marathon – I did not see it when I was running. Would have been cool to see it. Now I have to go back to the olympic park to check it out and take a proper photo with it.

I’m still a little bit giddy from last weekend’s races. Getting a 5km PB was awesome and actually enjoying a very hot half marathon without getting a PB was awesome too. Let me explain – my last half marathon was Run to the Beat in September. That race felt awful, my body felt heavy and all I kept thinking was how I was too heavy for running. All around me women were running with teeny weeny running shorts and I kept cursing my large legs for a. not letting me wear cute short shorts (not because I think they’d look bad on me, my inner thighs just rub together too much and short shorts are painful) and b. for slowing me down.

Total silliness, I know, but women’s brains don’t make no sense when it comes to the spontaneous thoughts that pop into our heads once in a while about our body image.

I was a little bit anxious before Run Hackney, trying not let my brain think the “what if” thoughts – what if this race will suck as well? / what if I am just too darn solid to run these distances fast(ish)?

I started out at an easy pace and told myself that no matter what – I was going to run at a comfortable and enjoyable pace – I wasn’t going to go for a PB in this heat. The miles kept passing and my pace got faster. I felt really strong and didn’t struggle at all, so I didn’t make myself slow down.

After 10 miles I had run out of water, there was no shade anymore and I slowed down but most of the race had been run by then and I had enjoyed it so I considered it a win.

I may not have the legs for cute little running shorts… (look at her in the pink top,  knee high white socks and a big smile – in my head I look like that! 🙂

… but these legs can still run! And they can run well – they can run a 1:50 half marathon without a training run longer than 12km for 2 months beforehand and they can run it and not be sore the next day.

I’d say these legs are made for running after all.

And f*ck the short shorts! 🙂

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    Stephanie M
    June 25, 2014 at 11:14 am

    So glad you had a good race! You runner you! Once a runner, always a runner 😉 Just goes to show how good cross-training is!

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