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Just another little storm

Some major post-holiday blues going on here. I’ve been laying low since getting back to the UK almost two weeks ago, waiting for the blues to wash over me like it usually does.

It doesn’t help that it’s freezing cold here and now for the past two days also raining non stop. It doesn’t help that I have a massive head cold. I’m not used to those things as I don’t generally get sick at all. I might be crazy but I think it’s my sugar-free diet that keeps the colds away and now that I’ve had all.the.cake during the holidays my immune system is weak again.

It doesn’t help that my right elbow still gets sore when I put too much weight on it which means I cannot continue with working on my chin ups even though our home rig arrived and is waiting for me. It doesn’t help that my left glute is a bit busted from a gazillion of front squats at Crossfit last week (+ a bouldering manoeuvre on Sunday that made the ‘injury’ worse). It doesn’t help that people are sick of other people asking for money for charities when running races so I’ve given up my Windsor Half place to someone who can actually raise some money.

For now, I cannot breathe, I cannot run, I cannot lift, I cannot climb, I cannot fundraise. I’m eating mushrooms, quorn and avocado for breakfast after a weekend of waffles and bagels, but even though it tastes nice I rage a little inside thinking there are warm chocolate croissants just one floor away.

But. There are much bigger problems in the world so I will just lay low and keep waiting. Under the unsettled surface all is well, so I’ll just keep waiting for the waves to calm down. No storm lasts forever.

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    Stephanie M
    August 26, 2014 at 10:21 am

    Beyond the storm there is a blue sky, always. We just have to see beyond the clouds. Thinking of you x

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