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Emerging from the blues

This week has been a bit of a moping blur. I’ve had a cold and my right elbow still gets sore when I put too much weight on it so I didn’t go to Crossfit until Friday. I did a bit of running but in general felt off all week, physically as well as mentally.

I was really missing my lunchtime Crossfit crew – because my office moved right before my holidays started I can’t go to Crossfit at lunchtimes anymore, I’m just a little bit too far now. I had a good little routine with work and Crossfit but now I need to find a new routine and thinking about it was so yuck all week and I just moped.

By Friday the Crossfit withdrawal symptoms were very bad and I just HAD to lift something heavy. It was a PB day there, I knew I wouldn’t be getting any PBs but I still went.

And of course I’m happy that I did. I left work a bit earlier than I needed to, dropped my bag off at Crossfit and did a quick little 3km run to just clear my head from the week and get warmed up. 13 minutes and 59 seconds, average 4:48 min/km pace. Not bad.

At Crossfit everyone else did deadlifts but because of my elbow I did back squats instead. I started with reps of 3 and once I got up to 60kg went down to singles and did up to 70kg. No PB in sight but not bad after a long holiday and absence from weight lifting.

After the weights component we had to work on some elements on our athlete level cards, the PB days are the days every month when coaches sign off on these things. Most of the things involve elbows so all I did was a 800m run. To get it ticked off i.e. the good enough time for advanced level is 3:30. I managed to run it in 3:19, which means I not only DID manage to get one thing ticked off the card but I also got a PB as my previous one was 3:24 😀

Anyway, a quick 9 min workout followed and by 6:30 I was on my way home and thinking that I actually do kind of like working out after work. I never thought I would but if I eat and drink enough during the day, I don’t feel too faint or dizzy exercising at that time of the day and getting home on Friday night having worked out is a good feeling. Usually I totally pig out on Friday nights 😐 but when I’ve worked out I don’t want to and that is a good start to the weekend.

Post race eggs and coffee. A must after a Sunday morning race.

The race went well even though my legs felt heavy from Friday’s back squats. I didn’t look at my watch a lot but didn’t have much left in the tank at the end so I figured I gave it all I got. Unofficial time 48:36. PB still stands at 47:11.

The thing with running for me these days is that I just want to enjoy it. I go at a pace that is hard but not so hard that I hate running and all I think about is wanting the race to be over.  A PB feeling is a great feeling, but I cannot expect that every race I do is a PB.  When you first start running it happens like that but I’m doing so many other things besides running so I have to accept that not every race is a PB for me as running is not my main focus these days.

Since I’m combining running with Crossfit I’m several kgs heavier than I was when I first started running and I’m totally willing to not be the Speedy Gonzales, if it means I have upper body muscles and can give my all at Crossfit without skipping it all the time to taper for races.

I finally feel the post-holiday blues lifting. My cold is almost gone and the sun is out. My husband is cooking bacon as we speak and the kids are not screaming at each other.  Happy Sunday.

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