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Flaxseed Focaccia

The Whole Life Challenge starts in 10 days. The food part of the challenge seems the scariest for me at the moment so I’ve been trying to get my head ready and think about what to eat. Since no grains are allowed, I won’t be able to eat my favourite Biona rice bread with my eggs (my 5-yr looked up from his bowl of Cheerios this morning and commented: “Why do you always have lunch for breakfast??”) and I know I could eat a huge plate of eggs and veg but I won’t feel happy/full unless there’s some ‘bread’ involved.

Enter flaxseed focaccia, recipe from Healthful Pursuit.  I’ve made it twice now, once with avocado oil and second time with olive oil. I use half the amount of salt and italian spices than prescribed in the recipe and I like it a lot.

For breakfast I have it with fried eggs, for lunch I have it with avocado and for dinner I have it with avocado and mushrooms. NOT in the same day, of course.

Once baked it’s about an inch thick so I toast it and then cut it in half so I have two thin slices. It doesn’t fall apart but has a nice crumbly texture.

I think I’m all set for the Whole Life Challenge!

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