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Whole Life Challenge: 14 days in – Cakes leave me cold, weight down, body fat down

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I have been playing this Whole Life Challenge game for 14 days now. I’ve been thinking about blogging about how it goes for several days but to be honest it’s going very uneventfully. In a good way 🙂

First thing – food

So far I have only lost one nutrition point due to a green smoothie I had the one time I ate out – it had some apple juice in it. Other than that I don’t feel the need to ‘cheat’ when it comes to food – the part that I thought would be the hardest in this challenge. My brain is weird like that, if I decide to not eat something then I just don’t.

When I was training for marathons I didn’t eat gluten or sugar because it upsets my digestion on long runs. After my last marathon there was no longer a need to be that strict with my nutrition, so I relaxed.  Now that I’m playing this game and need to stay away from everything that is not fruit, veg, meat or eggs, I’m back to just following the rules and I don’t even think much about the stuff I should not eat.

I walk past bakeries with beautiful cakes in the window and even though it’s in my DNA to love cake, I weirdly notice that I have absolutely no feelings towards cake right now at all – I look at baked goods as if I’m looking at high heels – nope, no feelings, they look pretty but they create no emotion in me so I walk on.

The weird and wonderful world of a sugar-free life. My mind is free.

Second thing – digestion

My digestion is my Achilles heel – it’s what either makes or breaks long distance running for me.  Right now I’m actually a lot more *ahem* gassy than I normally am and I’m not confident that all would go smoothly if I were to run anything over 25km. I think my digestion feels better when I eat rice and quinoa, these are definitely the things I will go back to once this challenge is over.

I’ve stopped eating a lot of nuts or nut butters – they give me a stomach ache and ‘other issues’ straight away. I bought some activated almonds at Whole Foods and they are much better on my stomach but they cost a fortune and I really should just soak my own as that’s all that’s ‘activation’ means.

Third thing – weight

I am a strong advocate of not weighing yourself if you don’t need to (and you only need to if you have a lot of weight to lose or you need to keep track of weight for powerlifting, etc.).

However, my team mates started commenting on weight loss on the WLC website a few days ago and out of curiosity I stepped on the scales today. Now let me say that I have finally gotten to the point mentally where the number on the scales does not bother me – just as long as it feels good to be in my skin, the number means nothing to me (in the past when I did use to weigh myself  the number that I saw always created a very strong positive or negative emotional reaction so I’ve come a long way).

For your information, it seems that I have lost a kg or a bit more in the past 14 days. Interesting. Weight loss is not my goal and I didn’t actually think I would lose any weight during all of this because in the last few years my weight has gone up by a kg every year (muscles, baby :).   It seems thought that when you don’t eat ANY sugar, dairy, gluten or grains it IS possible to eat as much as you want every day and not gain any weight.

Weight down by 1-1.5kg.
Body fat down by 0.4% (according to my Omron monitor)
Waist and hip measurements up by 2cm each (this can only mean GAINZZ 😉

Fourth thing – fitness

As far as how I’m feeling when working out – I feel amazing. I got a new 10km PB and I’ve been feeling very strong in Crossfit, I’m swinging 20kg kettlebells like a badass and did 3 x 3 sumo dead lifts at 80kg! (lighter weights in the rounds before) the other day as part of a workout.  Tomorrow I’m running a half marathon and I’m curious to see how this low carb life makes me feel when running that kind of a distance.

Fifth thing – lifestyle challenges

The only aspect of the challenge that I’ve struggled with a little bit are the weekly Lifestyle challenges – last week we had to write a ‘to do’ list every morning and accomplish at least one item from the top of the list.

On weekends I can do something like that but Monday to Friday I’m in the same quick-paced routine like a total robot and the only thing I can think of that I ‘must’ do is not to yell at the kids about homework too much in the evenings. Everything else during the days just ticks on as it usually does – wake up, pack lunches, go to work, exercise, come home, supervise homework, bathe the kids, read them books, get them to bed, cook dinner for the next day, prepare some of the packed lunches, watch an episode of Prison Break while stretching, go to bed. Next day – rinse and repeat.

This week’s lifestyle challenge seems doable for a change – its to write 3 positive things you’re grateful for, things you appreciate, or just things you notice. Whew. Should be doable.

Anyway, that’s the update for now. Let the experiment continue. 14 days done. 44 days to go.

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