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Whole Life Challenge: 36 days in – I’m over it

The first two weeks of the Whole Life Challenge were great. I lost a couple of kgs, I didn’t struggle with only eating very limited things, I got a new half marathon PB and a new 10km PB, I felt strong at Crossfit.

Now I’ve been logging my points for 36 days, reflecting a lot on this challenge and with 19 days still to go, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  • I eat very well as is and it makes no sense to me to cut out things like quinoa, rice and oats. It also makes no sense to me to make a fuss over bacon that has nitrites or almond and coconut milk that has tapioca starch or guar gum.
  • I am actually very happy with my body as it is. For a moment in this challenge I thought that maybe I will be really ripped and stuff by the end of it but now I remember again that I am in no rush – my body likes to be the size and shape it is, my body likes slow change because slow change is the only kind that is sustainable.
    I see too many people overtrain and get injured because they’re in a rush. I see too many people lose a lot of body fat over a matter of just a few weeks but since no one can keep up very strict eating for a long time, they gain it all back.
  • I have a lot of good life habits already. I declutter on a regular basis, I try to sleep enough, I smile at strangers, I acknowledge my gratitude for various things/aspects of my life on an almost daily basis. The WLC has not had a ‘lifestyle challenge’ yet that has been particularly challenging or the kind that I thought I don’t have  in my life already but need to have.

Playing while the kids are at Crossfit Kids

At the end of 36 days I’m ready for this challenge to be over. The daily logging of points and debating whether a slice of rice bread is one lost point or more is becoming a bit tedious.

I am still curious to do the baseline workout again and to see if there is any significant improvement in my time. I have a feeling there will be some but I am not expecting to be blown away.

Slow and steady has always been my game. Enjoying the journey every day and not rushing has always been my game. I become fitter and faster every day, I know that and I enjoy that, and whereas I do have goals like being able to lift a certain amount of weight or run at a certain speed – there is no rush.

Whatever I am right now is enough.


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  • Reply
    October 22, 2014 at 7:45 am

    .. slow change is the only kind that is sustainable..

    Thank you so much for reminding.
    These are exactly the words I needed to hear right now.
    Applies not only to fitness but to life in general.

    • Reply
      October 26, 2014 at 8:06 pm

      So so true indeed. I do tend to get impatient once in a while with a lot of things but then I remind myself that

      What come easy won’t last
      and what lasts
      won’t come easy (meaning fast 🙂

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