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Wall balls and Wombles and injured middle fingers

Wimbledon Womble

Hi there. It’s been a while since my last post and since I left you with the cliff hanger of repeating the Crossfit Open workout 15.3 that involved a bazillion wall balls and a lot of skipping the day after a half marathon!

Apologies, sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Annoying, I know!

I did repeat that workout on the Monday after the North London Half Marathon and my quads were on fire but I got 766 reps even though I used a 14lbs wall ball instead of the 10lbs one required (my box doesn’t have 10lbs balls). I was hoping to break 800 but in hindsight I know 766 is a pretty decent score. I went straight onto a Crossfit class after that and the workout at the end of it involved lunges which made my quads hate me even more but by now they have calmed down and forgiven me. (my calves, however, did not appreciate all the skipping and lunging and then ANOTHER half marathon this Sunday which was hilly and on very uneven surface – they feel like bricks and that hasn’t happened to me since last year’s marathon training)

That other half marathon was my local Wimbledon Common Half. I have done the 10km races there that are pretty much one loop of what we did on Sunday. It was a freezing morning and the first few kms are uphill so my pace was way low at 5:35 to start out with. I kept chipping away at it throughout the race but the same hills came up again at the start of the second loop and then the finish line was not where I thought (where it usually is for the 10k) but it meant running a little bit uphill AGAIN right before the end. Cruel, cruel route.

I finished in 1:46:47 which I’m happy with considering the state of my legs to begin with and the uneven surface and the at-times-single-file running through the common.

Three days later though, my calves have brick-ified even more. Geebuz. I tried to foam roll them but they have proper knots in them and I’m not into sadomasochism so I’m keeping the rolling very gentle.

A Womble medal

On Monday I took a rest day which I’m sure was good for my legs but I wouldn’t fall asleep until 1am because I was probably too freaking rested to sleep.

As a result I turned my early morning Crossfit alarm off but I managed to get away from the office during the day and went to the lunchtime class. It’s was handstands, toes to bar and 6 x 400m sprints. The running felt fine despite my stiff calves and my partner and I were the fastest team that day 😀 but today the calves are tight again so I’m just chilling out again. I have no races coming up so there’s no need to run and risk giving myself a proper calf injury.

Oh and I almost forgot – I have a proper injury already – Sunday’s great bouldering session resulted in me somehow injuring the top digit of my right middle finger. Again 😐 It’s sore and slightly purple 😐

I hope your week’s been less damaging to your body than mine’s been!

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    March 26, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    Couple of my clubmates did it and I thought the medal looked AWESOME! I mean who cares about PBs when you get to see real life wombles….

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