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The one where I get a medal that is not running related

Another nice (long) weekend gone by, another medal in my pocket. This time the medal is not running related for a change, this time it looks like this:


But let me get back to the beginning – on Sunday I took part of the first round of the London Box Battles, a very friendly competition between 16 Crossfit boxes in London. In this round it was my box, Crossfit Thames, vs Crossfit London, and it took place at their box in Bethnal Green.

There were a whole bunch of boys from my box but only 5 girls, 2 in A division, 2 in B and 1 in C. We knew the workouts and the weights beforehand so I chose division B – middle of the pack as I always am.

At the end of 4.5 hours of whooping, clapping and sweating a little bit too I learned a lot. Here’s how my first Crossfit comp outside of my own box went down:

Workout nr. 1, part 1:

In 8 minutes, do as many rounds as possible of:

3 cleans @ 45kg
6 over the bar burpees
9 wall balls with 7kg ball to a 9ft target

45kg cleans are heavy for me but I did them all unbroken, just not super fast. Can’t complain about my cleans. Over the bar burpees are annoying as you have to take off and land with both feet together and I have to say in normal Crossfit sessions I’m a bit lazy and don’t do them properly.

Lesson nr.1 – practice doing over the bar burpees properly and FAST.
Lesson nr. 2 – when there is no requirement to stand up fully at the top of the burpee, stay low to maximise speed.

Wall balls – did most of the sets unbroken but maybe took too much breathing time before I started each set.

Overall result for this work out: 6 rounds + 4 reps. Didn’t feel like I pushed myself to the max so a little bit disappointed.

Workout nr. 1, part 2: Straight after the 8 minutes, go into establishing a 3 rep max for dead lift. Time cap: 6 minutes.

It’s not the funnest thing after an 8 minute engine-buster to try to get 25kg plates onto a barbell but I managed :). I had seen from previous heats that most people had time for just 2 or 3 attempts so I went straight for 95kg. That felt doable and I did next 3 at 100kg. I have never done 3 reps for more than 85kg so getting a 100 was top of the pops for me. I tried 102.5kg in the last minute but felt my back round too much on the second rep so abandoned that idea.

Result: Super happy with 3 x 100kg.

Workout nr. 2: In 10 minutes do:

100 double unders

Then 3 rounds of:

10 thrusters @ 25kg
10 pull ups

Then 100 double unders again.

For every rep not completed in the 10 minutes, 1 second would be added to the total time.

I had had too much water after the first workout so as soon as I started jumping, I felt the contents of my stomach go up and down and knew it was going to be a tricky workout. My judge didn’t count out my reps after 80 like I’d told her I wanted to so at one point I stopped to take a breath and she said I had ONE to go! A little bit annoying. Lost a few seconds there.

Thrusters were ok but not super easy. Pull-ups were hard as predicted. I did 3 in one go and then doubles and then singles. I kept resting in between and got a few no-reps for not getting my chin over the bar. My judge kept telling me I had plenty of time but by the time I got to my last 100 double unders there was only a minute left so it wasn’t going to happen. With a lot of yelling from my team mates, I finished with 78 double unders and therefore got 22 seconds added to my score.

Result: 10:22. Not bad but I felt I could have hustled a little bit more to get it done in the time cap.

The very last event was only for one guy/girl from each division so I didn’t get to go. I got to yell and whoop and clap instead. Thames put on a great show and won!

By then it was already past 4pm (I had left home at 11) and I was ready to hit the road but decided to stay for the awards ceremony. I’m glad I did because I somehow came 3rd in the B division and walked away with that snazzy medal. All of the Thames girls actually got a medal on the day – that’s pretty impressive, I think.


In hindsight I learned a lot about how I need to approach these comps – rest less during short workouts, my engine can take it, think about efficiency of movements when in training, don’t consume great amounts of liquids before or during events – most workouts are so short that I don’t need as much water beforehand as I think I do.

I had a great day but I would have liked not to be in the last heat every time – I get nervous and I don’t know what to eat and when and when to warm up and how. Newbie problems 🙂

I also felt that the set-up was not ideal – the workouts took place in three separate rooms and it was hard to support my team members (no room for watching) and I felt I myself could have used a bit more yelling at.

But the main thing – I competed, I had fun, I got a medal 🙂


Since Sunday I have to say I feel a bit blue though. Could it be it’s kind of like the post-marathon blues – nervous anticipation, lots of prep, hard work and then it’s over.


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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    May 20, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    I feel exhausted just reading this! Sounds so tough but well done on coming third in the B division – and a cool medal as well!

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    May 20, 2015 at 6:53 am

    Congrats! And I loved your tips, will definitely pick those up for my own training and comps!

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