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Find Your Summer

Find your summer

I love summer. My brain and my body are totally solar powered and every winter/autumn/spring I feel that I’m just muddling through life, waiting for the hot days of summer to recharge my batteries.

The weather here in the UK is very temperamental but every day that’s above 20°C I consider a summer and therefore a blessing. When there are too many 10°C days in between I go and find summer somewhere else – one of the best benefits of living in Europe again – relatively short flights to Much Warmer Places!

Hopefully I won’t have to escape too far in July and August, that’s when summer properly comes to the city of London and summer in the city is actually pretty darn nice. There are outdoor swimming pools and parks and gardens and of course my own back yard with my squat rack and my barbell 🙂

What makes your summers summery?  I think my summer will include a lot of these things:

1. Withings Activité Pop activity and sleep tracking watch (John Lewis)

I don’t like to run a lot in the summer (this is why) but I do want to make sure that I move enough every day so a funky fitness tracker is a must. John Lewis sent me a Withings Activité Pop watch to try out and this baby tracks steps, runs, sleep and is totally waterproof and even logs your swimming distance.

I haven’t worn a watch for years but I’m actually liking it, I don’t have to take my phone out of my bag all the time to check the time. And I check the time a lot because I’m Estonian and Estonians cannot be late for anything. I start to hyperventilate when it looks like I might be running late for something!

The strap can be changed as any 18mm strap fits, so I’m looking for a nice bright one for the summer.

Unfortunately the readings are not 100% accurate but that is my only gripe about this gorgeous watch. I would not use it to track my running because that has to be accurate, steps for general fitness I’m not that fussed about, just as long as I see from the watch face roughly how I’m doing (the smaller dial is steps).

Hopefully Withings will keep improving their sensor so that the stats accuracy improves in the future. Until it does I will not be using the phone app very much, I’m addicted to way too many things already and I’m happy to just use it as a watch.

2. Coconut Collaboration’s Coconut Snowconut chocolate ‘ice cream’ (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado) I don’t like coconut yoghurt but this is my absolute favourite dairy free / sugar free ‘ice cream’ at the moment. It’s less sweet than Booja-Booja or Wheyhey, both of which I cannot eat because the sweetness is just too much for me.

3. Raisins bikini (Asos) I don’t love bikini shopping so when I find one that I like, I’m happy to wear it all summer long. I don’t ever have the need for more than 1 at a time. This Raisins one I bought before our Lanzarote holiday is nice and colourful with an added funky back strap set-up.

(Yes, I wear bikinis even though I’ve had 2 kids and am knocking on 40. I’m really too old to give a toss about what other people think about my muffin top 🙂

4. Ted Baker sunglasses (Ted Baker) I’m also a 1-sunglass-pair-kind of a gal. I have a few pairs from previous years but once I guy a new pair I never like the old ones anymore and I never ‘rotate’ my sunnies. This summer I’m all about these dark grey and blue wayfarers.

(Let’s not talk about the short hair right now. I’m quite cross at the moment actually as when my hair is curly it’s ridiculously short. I’m switching hair dressers. Or never going again.)

5. Elemental Herbs zinc oxide sport sunblock (Amazon)

I’m not as strict about sunblock as I used to be but I always put some on when I’m outside for a long period of time and the stuff I put on, I want to be free from all kinds of nasty chemicals that are in most sunblocks. The key is to find one where the main protective ingredient is zinc oxide. The rest of the ingredients list is then usually much shorter and much more understandable than what is written on most supermarket sunblocks.

What are your summer favourites?

Thank you to John Lewis for letting me test the Withings Activité Pop activity and sleep tracking watch.

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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    June 25, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    That ice cream sounds good. I’m just in danger of not stopping once I’ve started tho haha!
    Bikini looks fab 🙂

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