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When the first spin is out of control, spin again


I did it again.

I wasn’t sure I was going to after my first (& horrendous) experience but many of you said to give it another go and I had 2 credits left so I went to a spin class again yesterday.

This time at lunchtime instead of 7am and with a different instructor. She yelled a little bit less but was still nicely enthusiastic. She also wore glittery disco tights – totally additional 10 points right there.

The studio was bigger and I was far enough from the mirror to not feel like I was staring at myself the whole time. I wore a t-shirt instead of a vest (tank top) since last time I felt really uncomfortable with my Crossfit guns on display.  However, after a few songs I was so hot and sweaty that I actually took it off and continued with just wearing a sports bra.

Right at the start of the class I made a decision to enjoy it and not let the things that I find odd about spinning get to me. I had the resistance down quite low, especially for the parts with very fast cadence. That’s the part of spinning I like the least actually, my brain just cannot make my legs go that fast when I’m standing up.

When you ride a real bike, the only time your cadence is that high is when you’re sitting down and hitting a flat road or a slight downhill. When you are off your seat you’re usually cranking it up a hill and your cadence is low.

But anyway, thankfully this instructor had less of those frantic crazy cadence intervals than there were in my first class.

My favourite part was quite a slow song that had a great beat and for the whole duration we just pedaled at higher resistance to the music. No fast changes of hand positions or leaning this way or that way. Just riding. I totally zoned out, closed my eyes and even sang along. I could feel then why so many people love spinning. If you get into it, it does take you away somewhere else.

The only negative part about the class was that again my hearing was all off afterwards, especially in my left ear which was closer to a speaker. Maybe it’s old age but I might need to use ear plugs next time (I have one more credit left).

All in all I worked hard, was completely soaked afterwards, and didn’t feel embarrassed when I couldn’t quite pedal in synch with the instructor. At the end we even stretched a bit which was very nice.

My heart rate didn’t go very high though (max was 166) and I burned 530 calories in 50 minutes. If people go there regularly because it’s supposed to be a super duper calorie buster then it doesn’t make sense as running burns more calories. But I guess there are lots of people who do not like to run.

I am glad that I gave it another go. I don’t like to hate something. It’s like when we moved from Australia to London we really, really did not like it here for a year or a few, but we decided to stay until we liked it a little bit more. Just to feel like we gave it a proper chance (and now it’s 9 years later and we’re still here but that’s another story).


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    Katie G
    July 31, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    I’ve just read your first experience of spin and I really agreed with you., I hate studios like that whom don’t think to actually take the time to get people settled/explain. I’m on the shelf about spin, the few classes I took were shouty, nothing was fully explained and I completely forgot water on my first class and felt an absolute ninny!
    I think you should feel proud of your incredible shape and I’m glad you said ‘Sod it and just spun in a sports bra’ – I know the angle of spin makes women who are more muscular look…well a little bigger than normal in the arm area (I was the biggest in the class when I spun) but hey..enjoy those lovely strong arms 🙂

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