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The week of hellDOMS


I didn’t do any strength work during my 3 week holiday so going back to bouldering the day after we arrived back in London was a bit of a shock to the system. Absolutely no records were set that day but bouldering is great fun, even on those days when nothing comes out “right”.

On Monday and Tuesday I went to Crossfit and can I just say shout – almost three years on and man – I love Crossfit! I love my box and the people and the coaches and the variety of movements and challenges. Love. It.

Wednesday I couldn’t really use any of my body parts without experiencing quite a bit of pain. I’m talking neck to feet DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Totally expected and therefore not surprising after having almost a month off. My kids would jump on me in the evenings after work and I’d just scream. Poor buggers. Thankfully they know what DOMS means so they don’t take it personally when I tell them not to touch me.

On that day I actually went for a little run at lunchtime and after the first few kms it was a very enjoyable run.  Running does make everything better.

On Thursday the damn DOMS were still in full force. Geebus. I have no words.

I did a slow lunchtime run again and by Friday, hallelujah, I was pretty much cured. Still a bit sore but nicely sore now, not making faces any more and waddling every time I got up from my desk.

Friday evening Crossfit was funnily enough mostly running again – various short sprints, and then a bit of bench press. Bench felt fine, I think my pecs are my weakest muscles and therefore not very often used and therefore were the least sore throughout this week of helldoms.

Saturday – swim. Sunday – bouldering again. I felt stronger and more capable than the week before but still nowhere near what I could do before the holidays.

Oh well. I’m not a professional athlete and no one is measuring my ability, I’m doing all this jazz just because I love it and enjoy it.


And I enjoyed every minute of my holiday as well so no regrets. I think the worst of the post-holiday DOMS are now over so onwards and upwards!

Tomorrow I’m doing a longish run for the first time in a couple of months. I have Ealing Half coming up at the end of September and even though I usually totally swing races up to that distance, I do like to get a few 15-18km runs done beforehand just to remind the legs what that distance is.

And some good news at the end to share with you – in the next few days I’m posting a new giveaway! I have a beautiful blue FlipBelt to give to somebody, with huge thanks to Runners Need. Giving away stuff is one of my favourite parts of blogging.

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