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On 12 Days and on 15 Years and on getting ready to head to the sun

Today saw the start of my fourth 12 Days of Crossfit. It’s something my Crossfit box does every December and it involves going to Crossfit 12 consecutive days for extra ‘special’ (read : hard) workouts. It’s been crazy fun every year though, usually the first 3-4 days I’m really sore but then the body gets used to the daily workouts.

Every year I’ve done almost all 12 days, the only time I’ve missed one day is when we’ve flown to Australia before the last workout. This will happen this year as well but I’m going to see if I can do the last workout a day before, I’m a sucker for challenges and I want to do them properly 😉


This year’s 12 Days started relatively easy with Helen today. Helen is a Crossfit workout that consists of 3 rounds of 400m run, 21 kettlebell swings overhead (16kg for women) and 12 pull ups. I ran fast but not sprinting, I did kettlebells unbroken and pull ups in sets of 3. My final time was 10:24, which turned out to be a PB by 1 minute and 35 seconds. Happy days. I love Helen a lot – running and a light kettlebell AND pull ups in a doable number of reps – what’s not to love for a runner who’s just in the last year finally gotten strong enough to do pull ups and every time I do it I’m still amazed that I can do them.

So it’ll be a busy 2 weeks now until we’re off to Oz for our Christmas break. I have to fit in Crossfit into every single day, plus a few Christmas work events still to take place and all the activities that the boys have at school.

My first office Christmas party was last Thursday already and it was such a good night out I think I still don’t completely have all the red wine out of my system. I even skipped the Mo Run on Saturday – was just tired from the week and still a bit weird from all the alcohol so I slept in and guess what – the world doesn’t end if you don’t do all the races you sign up for!

On top of all the pre-Christmas madness, this Wednesday is our 15th wedding anniversary. We already had a weekend away in our favourite spa in Hampshire and I took absolutely no photos because I was there to chill out and not to make it into a social media event. The place is very, very Instagrammable, but sorry folks – sometimes life has to happen without the iPhone in the hand. So on Wednesday we’re probably staying in as he’s got 3 Christmas do-dahs this week already and who said staying in and watching The Affair isn’t romantic 😉


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