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Here we go again

There is a new Gymbox ad in Bank station this week.

Have you stopped laughing? I’ll wait a bit if you’re not…

Right. Where was I – Gymbox actually has some pretty good images for the same campaign on their website but the one they chose for the location where thousands and thousands will see it every day is THIS ONE?

I have to admit the text is cheeky and funny, but being on all fours in your underwear in front of a barbell – if that’s what weightlifting is like in Gymbox, I will never step through their doors!

I wonder what Gymbox was actually thinking with this ad – probably to get more men through the door as it definitely will not get any women to join them.

Women are so sick of this whole “sex sells” thing. They really are.

Maybe the young ones don’t realise it yet and are still playing along and trying to be sexy at all times, even when exercising, but women my age – women who have no more tolerance for bullshit, who know who they are and who are confident in themselves just the way they are, are sick of this constant sexy business – be in in fitness or anything else, even in doing your laundry.

If companies who use advertising like this do think that young women will sign up to their gym after seeing this then I think they should think again – they should not just target the young (and hope that they’re all totally naive). I am part of a demographic of women who has a lot more disposable income than most 20 year olds. I love fitness and would happily pay for several gym memberships if what they offered was fun for me, AND if they didn’t try to get me to join with bullshit advertising.

Fitness IS fun, but don’t compare it with sex.

Apples. Oranges.

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