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For more than a year already I have not been swimming with the head-above-water breast stroke style I swam for 38 years. I now have the stamina to swim freestyle for 1-2km. I don’t go fast, but every time I’m in the water I’m amazed that I can swim! It hasn’t gotten old yet and I love our Sundays when the whole family is in the pool and even though the kids are nearby and screaming (Of joy. Mostly.), I just go back and forth and back and forth and totally tune out.

I still don’t know anything about swimming style – how to pull properly, how to breathe properly, how to kick properly. Unlike running and weight-lifting though – not swimming with proper form doesn’t lead to injury, so I’m not really worried about my style. I figure as long as I’m enjoying it, I’m just going to splash around in my own style.

IF and when I do do a triathlon one day and discover that I’m way, WAY, slower than everyone else, I might look into coaching. Right now I’m just loving the fact that I can swim. And I love the fact that the pool was totally empty today – everyone else must have been at home eating chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  Good for me 🙂

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