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Bambi week

I don’t know what’s going on this week but I’ve just been majorly sleepy and tired and not even getting my usual kicks from Crossfit (even my magic superhero tights haven’t helped 🙁 ). I usually go to at least one 7am Crossfit class a week but for a couple of weeks already I just cannot make myself get up at 5:45 to make it.

Sometimes it takes me an hour or two to fall asleep at night and lately it’s been quite a bit of that happening so knowing I am likely to get just 6 hours of broken sleep (I never NOT wake up at night at least once or twice), I just don’t even set the early alarm. 6:30 is much better than 5:40. Except often somebody in the house wakes up, even just to go to the bathroom early in the morning and – I wake up. 😐

Sleep – the saga continues. The saga that started 11 years ago when my first child was born. The trouble with motherhood is that even when the kids sleep through the night, YOU will never ever sleep deeply again – if one of them turns over in their bed one floor down from you – you will hear it and wake up.

So yeah. Sleep. I never get enough.

But back to Crossfit – Monday’s workout was a nice hard conditioning one that I should have enjoyed. I usually love really hard and fast workouts with not-so-heavy weights. Well, this one was actually sort of in between for me – the kettlebell weight was 20kg and the barbell weight for the push jerks was 40kg. Not TOO heavy but not light enough to just speed through 20 and 7 of those movements unbroken and fast.

I felt really sort of blah afterwards and not my usual oh-my-lawd-that-was-so-insanely-hard-I-loved-it. Bummer. The good thing is that when I sped up the video I took of the workout, I looked like a hummingbird when doing the double-unders.

On Tuesday I left my gym bag at home. I felt a bit panicky on the tube to work without my usual kit with me, thinking am I really not going to do ANYTHING today?!? I’m insane and addicted like that but after Monday’s no-mojo / no-fun workout, I booked myself a sports massage for Tuesday instead and did no exercise, thinking that by Wednesday I’d be as good as new.

Well, Wednesday brought back squats and bench presses. I PRd my bench press doing 3 x 50kg, so that’s a little exciting but the back squats felt awful. Sometimes I feel so strong and solid when squatting, sometimes I feel like Bambi. Wednesday I felt like the biggest Bambi ever. I got up to 3 x 75kg, then tried 80kg, did one rep and failed the second already.

Right now I’m over it. Not all sessions are going to be amazing, not all lifts are going to be PBs. That’s just how this fitness thing goes. It’s never about how you fall, it’s always about how you get up and keep going.

Bambi one week, Simba the next. (or maybe the week after 😉

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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    February 19, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    It’s just peaks and troughs of training. Hormones, sleep, food, life can all just effect things. Cortisol levels are also something to be wary of as well – that can definitely impact your sleep. Possibly your body just need a deload week?

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