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“I’m such a boss”

I find it so adorable how my 7-yr old son exclaims “I’m such a boss!” when he’s conquered the monkey bars or climbed somewhere high. All time high confidence.

My own confidence tends to be a little bit less stable, although most of the time I’m a fairly confident person. On Saturday it took me a little by surprise when I took part of a little friendly Crossfit comp at my box, somehow ended up in the final with 4 other teams of 2 (male/female) and felt really intimidated, nervous and out of place.  I usually don’t let myself to compare myself to anyone else but at that time it happened…

The other girls are the girls who actually compete in actual proper Crossfit competitions. They are the girls who do muscle ups and handstand push ups and butterfly pull ups. They are 10-15 years younger than me. I am well aware that I’m not in the same league as them and it doesn’t usually bother me at all as I do Crossfit for the fun of it, but getting ready to go into the final in that company got to me a bit.

I mostly shook it off and just took it as an interesting observation about how I can react in a competitive situation. Live and learn, right? Next time I need to remember by son, tell myself that I’m the boss and smash it out the best I can.

At the end of the day I did somehow smash it out the best I could and we came third and that was pretty awesome. Pretty awesome and then some actually.

Today my calves are feeling like a couple of bricks and I couldn’t power clean more than 50kg this morning and I only just realised that Crossfit Open starts like THIS WEEK ALREADY and I still can’t overhead squat with much weight or do handstand push-ups or snatch much and OMG EVERYONE ELSE HAS BEEN WORKING SO HARD THIS YEAR AND I’M GOING TO BE SUCH A LOSER.

Like I said – yo-yo. 🙂

But – living and learning.

I don’t know what Friday’s 16.1 will bring (the first workout of the Open), but I will smash it out the best I can and keep reminding myself that me today, compared to me from 5, 10 or 15 years ago, is actually a pretty big of a boss!

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    February 25, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    nõukogude koolist ei saanud minuarust erilist enesekindlust kaasa 🙂 …täiesti erinevalt tänapäeva noortest ja lastest 🙂
    ja täiesti tavaline on, et kui ma olen omaarust teinud rekordi ja surunud 50kg kangi üles ja siis tuled rahulolevana koju ja leiad instast, et tund aega hiljem surus üks naine täpselt samas klubis 86kg ja järgmine kaks tundi hiljem 70kg… ahhh…ikkagi olen tugev 🙂 …. sa pane ikka kõik oma rekordid kirja, siis ma tean, mille poole püüelda 😉

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