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Got a GoPro – now what?


I got a GoPro for Christmas this year and I have absolutely no idea how to use it to its maximum potential.

I have managed to take come cool photos.

I have managed to take some not-so-bad swimming videos.

But that’s where it ends. My GoPro doesn’t have a viewport so I just randomly point it at things and as a result 95% of photos and videos go straight into the bin.

Curry’s PC World is sharing an infographic on how to shoot a cool GoPro video:

Go Pro tips

There are some good tips there but I think GoPros just need to be experimented with. It’s just a shame that when I ask MrB to film my swimming he sometimes presses the button at the wrong time and films his own nostrils instead 😀

I am considering wearing my GoPro in a chest strap during the Toughest obstacle race in April. Has anyone done that? Would I smash it to bits? Is there a change it could get caught in something and get me injured?? 😐

And old-time GoPro users – what tips and tricks work for you? Is is completely pointless taking photos or videos of things far away (as from what I’ve seen from my camera, nothing is really visible if all action is not immediately in front of the screen).

Disclaimer: No payment was received for this post. I’m sharing the infographic just because I like infographics.

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    March 15, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    I got a GoPro equivalent for my birthday last October but just haven’t had the time to look into setting it up yet. I do really want to head out and film some of my trail runs, and must look at it properly. Work always seems to get in the way though. You’ve reminded me to get it out at Easter and read through all the blurb properly. Hopefully the weather will be a bit nicer on runs then too.
    I would go ahead and wear it for the obstacle race. I would assume you will know at each obstacle if there was a risk to the camera in time to remove it for that part of the course if necessary, so should be able to prevent any damage being done.

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