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Crossfit Open – 16.1 done. And not just once.

Crossfire open workout 16.1

The 2016 Crossfit Open started last week. Every Thursday for 5 weeks Dave Castro, the Crossfit Games maker, will announce a workout and every Crossfitter around the globe who has signed up for the open will do by the next Monday evening.

It’s the process whereby the strongest compete for a place at the Regionals and the Regionals then determine who is going to the Crossfit Games in California in July.  The open is therefore the start of the biggest Crossfit event of the year and Crossfitters around the world are buzzing (often with excitement & fear in equal measure).

For mere mortals like me, the open does not mean competing for any place on any podium. It means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone just a little bit more than you would in a normal class. It means seeing how far you’ve come since the last open (or since you first started Crossfit), it means lots of awesome energy in the boxes (Crossfit gyms) where every achievement, even if it’s giving something a go you’ve never done before and find that you still can’t do it ;), is celebrated and high-fived.

The first workout that was announced on Thursday (Friday here in Europe) and I did it at 7am on Friday morning and since it was a busy class, we did on the spot lunges instead of walking ones.

I faffed around with the lunges a lot – sometimes not stepping far enough to cross the tape, sometimes stepping too far, never doing the 11 lunges I was supposed to do to get to 25ft unbroken.

I had been afraid of 30kg overhead lunges most but in the end it was actually the chest to bar pull ups that got me. I could do 2-3 fine but then just kept getting no-reps because the bar didn’t quite touch my chest properly. All the effort and energy wasted and one no-rep after another 😐

I finished with 3 rounds + 13 reps, total of 91 reps. I knew I wanted to repeat it as I had felt that my head just wasn’t in it and I let it get to me a bit that I faffed around with the chest to bars so much.

On Monday I repeated it. My mind was ready. I was going to do the walking lunges, I was going to do them unbroken. I was going to pace myself and kip the heck out of the chest to bars and not get no-reps.

Lunges were no problem. Walking ones are easier than on the spot ones.

I stepped out of the burpees this time pacing myself thinking it would help me when it came time for the pull ups.  In hindsight I should have hussled a bit more with the burpees because my chest to bars still sucked just as much as they did on Friday! I got no-reps. Maybe not as many as before but mentally no-reps are hard.  Thankfully I had two people with me telling me to rest, chill out and then kip the heck out of those CTBs to get one single at a time. They definitely helped me to focus and I finished with 98 reps, 7 more than my first attempt. Unfortunately I totally tore the skin off both of my palms. Like majorly – more than I have ever torn my hands. 😐

Lessons learned from 16.1:

  • Pacing myself on the gassy bits (burpees) doesn’t help when it’s strength (chest to bar pull ups) that are my weak point.
  • I can do chest to bar pull ups! (I had not done them before)
  • I can do overhead lunges with 30kg.
  • I’m happy with a workout no matter the score IF I feel like I gave my best and didn’t mentally give up before the clock buzzed.

Last year I did every open workout scaled. Scaled versions of the workouts are the ‘easier’ versions (not to confuse with being EASY). This year I’ve started the open by doing the first workout Rx (as prescribed) and even though my hands are ripped and I found the chest to bars really frustrating – I am excited to find out what 16.2 will bring this Friday!


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    March 2, 2016 at 11:36 am

    It’s my first go at the open this year (I’ve been crossfitting for just under 6 months) and I thought I’d have to do all of the workouts scaled. I was SO pleased to do 16.1 RX. I was ridiculously slow with the lunges (it’s almost 3/4 of my body weight overhead!) and had to keep dropping the bar every 5ft. But I smashed those C2B (never tried doing one before!) and I was so pleased with my score, even though I only managed just over one round :-). Well done on your lunges, sounds like you flew through them.

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