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Breakfast on the go. Skip the toast.

Egg cups

I don’t know about you but I don’t eat breakfast at home on the days I work. After getting ready and getting the kids lunches packed I just run out the door to make sure I’m in the office nice and early so I can have some time at lunch to either run or to go to Crossfit.

My breakfasts, therefore, always have to be something that I take with me.  My office has a pretty nice café with great coffee and a large variety of baked goods both for breakfast and for afternoons but sadly most foods that we associate with breakfast these days – cereal, flavoured yoghurt, croissants, muffins, pastries – are actually dessert when it comes to their sugar content.

The trouble with getting a huge hit of sugar early on in the day is that you’ll just want more and more of that sugar for the rest of the day… and the next day… and so on…  (I save my chocolate treat for the evenings 😉

So what do I have for breakfast? Sometimes salmon scrambled with sweet potato, sometimes mackerel and avocado, but mostly something involving oats or eggs.  Just because my colleagues are not fish fans 😉

Here are some of my favourite bring-along breakfasts.

1. Overnight oats

Overnight oats

Not everyone likes warm porridge. I personally love it, especially when you crack an egg into it, but a nice alternative is to prepare overnight oats the night before. You simply chuck oats or other flakes (I sometimes use quinoa flakes) into a tub and mix with milk of some sort (coconut cream is extremely tasty) and/or greek yoghurt, and whatever you want to flavour it – cinnamon, honey, maple syrup, raisins, dates, seeds. Some people make large batches but I usually just make enough for the next morning so I can just grab the container in the morning, give it a quick shake and go.

2. Underground oats

No this isn’t a weird Icelandic thing where you bury the oats & eat them next year, like they do over there with shark meat. I’m simply calling it “underground” because I put oats, raisins, cinnamon, turmeric and HOT almond milk (nuke it, it’s fast) into a little thermos and go to work on the tube = underground. Once I’m there after 45-55min, my “underground” porridge is ready.

3. Egg cups

Egg cups

This is an easy way to eat eggs for breakfast and it’s a little bit more exciting than just gnawing on plain boiled eggs. Line a muffin tray with slices of chicken or ham or turkey or bacon, etc. Then crack an egg into each cup and add some veg if you want to. Bake at 180C for 20 min and let them cool down in the tray before you remove them. If that’s too fancy for you, just pack a couple of boiled eggs, some avocado and cherry tomatoes – a combination I have very often.

4. Fruit’n’seeds’n’nuts


I try to eat at least some protein for breakfast on most days but some days I just want to have something light. Then just have some fruit or berries with some seeds and/or nuts.

I always have hydrolysed collagen in my morning coffee so that’s my “little bit of protein” on those days. 😉

5. Bulletproof coffee

This “breakfast” doesn’t actually involve food. We’ve all been bashed with the slogan of “breakfast is the most important meal” for decades and until recently I did believe that something awful was going to happen to my body if I didn’t eat breakfast. Guess what – nothing awful is actually going to happen to you if you skip breakfast. It’s just Kellogs and Nestle who want you to believe it so you keep chowing down their sugar-in-a-box every morning.

On most days I do have breakfast because I’m either hungry or I am training at lunchtime. On rest days or on days when I train in the evening, I sometimes just have a bulletproof coffee in the morning. Fasting like this once in a while is actually good for you.

Bulletproof coffee can be very complicated but it really is just black coffee with butter & coconut oil. I don’t get hungry after one of those and then at lunch I have a lot of veg & some light protein to pump in all.the.nutrients.


Breakfast is often the meal people struggle the most when they’ve decided to cut down on their sugar intake or when they want to up their protein intake. The main thing to remember is that there is actually no law that says you have to eat only breakfast-y foods at breakfast! You CAN actually eat whatever the heck you want. In all the food changes I’ve made in my life I’ve tried to focus on adding, not taking away.

That means that instead of lamenting “Oh my g*d, I cannot have toast anymore, or Cheerios, or croissants, or those yummy gooey pain aux raisins from Pret!”, make a mental list of all the things you COULD have for breakfast and start experimenting with those. Little by little you’ll find new favourites.

P.S. I do have toast sometimes. This kind.

What’s your favourite non-toasty or protein packed breakfast?

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