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Run as much or as little as makes you happy

I don’t run a lot these days. Everyone assumes that I run a lot but with Crossfit and swimming and bouldering, I only run twice a week.

And I quite like it like that.

For me the main thing is to keep whatever I do enjoyable and 2-3 runs a week is enjoyable for me. Even 4 would probably be fine, but any more than that and I’d get bored of it.

When I trained for my last marathon, my monthly running looked like this:

This year my running looks like this:

Some weeks I run 10km, some weeks I run 40km. Usually I run about 25km a week.

I never understood people who run every single day.  I think I could do Crossfit every single day because it’s never the same thing. Running, however, is always just putting one foot after another, you can vary the pace, the distance or the terrain, but it’s still just running 🙂

Of course running only twice a week means I’m not improving my race times hugely. I’m not getting any slower either though so I’ve come to the following agreement with myself: the main thing for me is to keep running, to keep loving it, to keep improving (no matter how slowly), the main thing is NOT winning races or getting a Boston Qualifying marathon time.

For the time being, that is.

I just want to run for the love of it.

Because when you enjoy the journey, the outcome will always leave you feeling fulfilled and happy, just because the outcome is not measured in minutes or miles, but in enjoyment and improvement (any of it, no matter how small).

Not sure if that makes sense or if that’s even a ‘proper’ attitude for an ‘athlete’, but then again, I’m not an athlete – I’m just a 40-year old (not sure how that happened) woman trying to keep fit.

I do have time goals for races as well for I am definitely a little bit competitive, but I think one has to run just as much or as little as makes one happy. Keeping in mind that runners’ happiness is a combination of just the pure enjoyment of running plus getting faster.

So it’s simple and complicated at the same time. Just like everything else in life 🙂

Right now I’m running just as little as is enjoyable AND doesn’t make my race times slower. If I start getting slower, I’ll start running more.

Or if I get a place for the London Marathon, then I definitely will have to start running more!

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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    June 2, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    I love running and would probably run every day (or most days) if I could but I’m too injury-prone for that. I just like the freedom running gives me. I love the gym too and lifting heavy stuff or doing plyometric routines but nothing is quite as freeing (for me) as running outside in the fresh air.
    I think you have a great balance with what you do though. Clearly it’s working for you 🙂

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