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Time-outs are good. Now let’s lift again!

Sometimes it’s necessary to totally take a time-out. That’s what I’ve just done for 3 weeks.

No work, no London, no weight lifting, no rock climbing, no running, no rushing, no early alarms – just lazy days, lots of cycling with the kids in tow and daily swimming.


Swimming is my ‘newest’ hobby – until about 2 years ago I could just float in breaststroke style with my head above water. Now I can swim freestyle and I’m getting speedier slowly but surely. My 500m PB is 10:04 now. Once I learn to use my legs 😉 and pull a bit harder I’m going to be FAST! 😉

As of today I’m back in London though and had a great Crossfit session at lunch. Managed to sumo deadlift 110kg, which is my regular deadlift PB (haven’t sumod for a while) and I’m happy with that considering I’ve not lifted up anything for 3 weeks.

Girls around me were lifting more but that doesn’t matter. I tried my hardest, I failed once and then did it.

And that is a good feeling.

My posterior chain (aka All The Muscles At The Back From My Butt To My Calves) might be a bit sore tomorrow but in a way I’m looking forward to that feeling again 🙂

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