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September, sunshine, smoothies, snacks and smashing podcasts

It’s September and it’s bloody hot. When I leave my office building at lunchtime, a wall of hot air hits my lungs and that feeling – that feeling reminds me of Australia and I can’t help but smile.

I’m a sucker for HOT weather. (even though I can’t run when it’s hot)

Commuting in London is a bit of a sweaty mess when it’s over 25°C outside but I’ve finally fully jumped on the podcast bandwagon and my 45 min trip to work all of a sudden seems very short.

I’ve mostly been listening to The mind muscle project podcast. I LOVE the Aussie banter but I’m also learning a lot. Favourite episodes so far:

I also listen to Barbell Shrugged after listening to the Mind muscle boys do an episode interviewing the Barbell Shrugged guys. Favourite episodes so far:

I know podcasts have been around forever but I always thought why would I listen to RADIO? Well, now I know why – podcasts can be bloody brilliant! Entertainment and knowledge bombs combined.

I’m hooked.

But what about smoothies?

It’s what’s for dinner when I arrive home half melted. I love chucking frozen Smooze fruit blocks into my smoothies – along with almond milk and egg white powder (FLUFF!).

What’s rocking your boat in September?

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