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Close your eyes to truly look at your body


Picture that you are 80 years old. You’re going for a walk in nature somewhere. Slower than you used to but you’re not in a rush. Maybe you have dog. A gentle yellow lab who’s not so young anymore either. You walk and you mull over some memories.

Can you picture it?  I totally can. Maybe because I’m already half way to 80. If you actually are still 25, maybe you can’t quite picture it yet.

But try. Do you think you’ll look back and think “Oh, life would have been SO much more fun at 25 if I hadn’t had that muffin top.”


At 25 you still might think that looking like what the world / media/ Instagram tells you you need to look like matters and is the key to your happiness.

Let me tell you – some people will never be fitspo lean. Never. Not even with all the clean eating and all the exercise that Instagram tells you will make you look like Kayla. Bodies are just so different. There are so many elements at play – genes, hormones, stress levels, quality of sleep, number of children, love of food… Besides, having an extremely low body fat is not actually that healthy for women.

Think about this – if you close your eyes, how does your body feel to live in?

Is it comfortable? Can you run and jump and bend and lift things? Are you sleeping well / eating well / pooping well? Are you laughing with your friends, are you dancing like nobody is watching, are you stretching out in your bed on Sunday mornings and feeling like you’re home? That your body is home? That it’s the best place to be in?

If you don’t, then you probably know what you need to do. You need to make lifestyle changes bit by bit. Slow and steady is the only way. Short diets or detoxes or whatevertheheckmagicsolutions you might consider – they are usually done for external reasons – for just to change the facade quickly. They won’t last.

What will last for a long time and what will make you a different person for the long run is your reason for change coming from inside, not the outside… A pretty facade will not make you happy if the house is full of junk inside…

So think what you base your happiness on – do you base it on feeling good and knowing that you’re doing everything you can to be good to your body now and when you’re 80, OR do you base it on just how you look?

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    November 12, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    This is such an amazing post, and something that I think I will need to remind myself of time and time again. What is my body telling me? That it isn’t getting the cardio or strength work it needs atm, and that my sleep is off, as is the nutrition so I feel tired a lot. A lot more emotionally healthy to focus on that than on the extra pounds or spots which came with those changes!

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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    October 31, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    So true. I often think to myself not to worry about what I look like now, because I’ll never look as young as I do in that moment, so enjoy it while it lasts. I’m grateful that I’m healthy more than anything though and that though sometimes I feel fat or weak, I’m actually not compared to the population at large. Comparing yourself to Instagram is NOT the way forward to happy health!! 😉

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      November 3, 2016 at 8:48 am

      I find it completely amazing that even you have fat days! I think it just shows that so much stuff is going on in our heads that we just need to ignore 🙂

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