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Gift ideas for runners and fitties

Christmas gift ideas for runners

By the end of next week it’ll be December so we all have to start thinking about Christmas whether we like it or not. I myself am not a huge fan of Christmas, but I’ve realised that the older I get the more I get over my Christmas related hang-ups and actually enjoy the mulled wine and the parties and even all the random surprise presents.

Christmas presents don’t have to be expensive or complicated, especially when it comes to sporty types who’re usually not into diamonds and pearls. I’ve put together a list of a few items that anyone like me would love to find under the tree come Christmas morning (or Christmas eve if you’re Estonian ;).

one Pop art leggings by Red Bear Sport £36

Amazing, right? Sportswear is a bit personal as it depends on the individual style of each person but in general you can tell what somebody’s style is by looking at all the other gazillion pairs of leggings they already have. If they like pop art and bright colours, these will not be dropped off at Oxfam in January.

two “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty fast” vest/tank top by Sarah Marie Design Studio $44

As a runner I love this tank so much. It’s sold from the States but shipping costs for something that light aren’t too bad.

three Running Away drawing by by Julie Hyld £24

Most runners run for mental health as much as for physical health. This drawing is a totally perfect depiction of running smoothing out all the mess that’s crowding our brains.

four Bose SoundLink wireless headphones £199

These are not for running but for anyone who commutes and likes to listen to music or podcasts, wireless headphones sound really good. I know I personally am sick of spending the first 10 minutes of my tube journey into work every morning untangling my headphone cord.

five The Masterplan 2017 diary £25

Fitties are organisers and love diaries and notebooks. I picked this one in particular because it’s made by an Australian company and the bee-related print on the cover is pretty cool.

six Xtenex laces £9.99

I hate when I go for a run and my shoe laces are tied unevenly, meaning one shoe feels tighter than the other. I can stop literally 10 times to redo my shoelaces until I feel they’re even.  These knotted laces are brilliant, you stretch them out and the knots disappear, you release the tension and knots appear and once you’ve adjusted them once to the tension you like, you never have to do them again – you just slip your foot in and out.


In addition to all these pretty little things, I think all fitness maniacs like food so I would totally buy someone a few weeks of prepped meals, like from Fresh Fitness Food or Buff Box. I don’t know though if they sell gift certificates so I’m not sure how doable this is yet.

What’s in your Christmas wish list? Anything similar to the items above?

I myself just want some sunshine and that I’m going to get when I land in Sydney on 15th of December 🙂

(and I already bought those leggings 😉

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