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January likes: CrossFit, porridge and sleep

I dislike the month of January a lot. I’m just not a cold weather person AND it depresses me to see the whole world jumping on all kinds of detox / resolutions / new year-new me bandwagons. 80-90% of New Year’s Resolutions fail – read more below (point 3).

We’re almost half-way through this month though and there are a few little things that get my thumbs up right now:


Nr. 1 – My Crossfit box

I’m not totally besties with everyone at my Crossfit box but whatever class I go to, whatever time of day, there are always people there who make me smile and laugh and learn and in general just make me feel good about humans.

Since I left for Australia mid December, I missed the announcement at Christmas that I had won the Most Improved award this year and I got a goody bag and a totally ace card from the coaches – reading this made me love these humans even more.

And – do the people in your gym bake for each other???

Exhibit A, B and C:


Nr. 2 – Protein oats by Oomf

So good for cold mornings, so easy to prep at work.


Nr. 3 – Articles that remind us not to CHANGE !EVERYTHING! in January

Depending on where you get your numbers, somewhere between 81 percent and 92 percent of New Years Resolutions fail. …

Why is that? What are the biggest reasons new habits fail to stick? And what can we do to make positive changes easier?

Read all about it:

5 Common Mistakes That Cause New Habits to Fail


Nr. 4 – ZMA before bed

I started taking ZMA a few months ago because I had crazy insomnia last year. ZMA is zinc, magnesium and aspartate and it’s a supplement that improves sleep efficiency and gives you cool dreams! My bedtime routine now includes a serving of ZMA and 10-20 min of reading a book and boom – insomnia is history and my dreams are a lot of fun.


If you live in the northern hemisphere – what’s helping you get through January?



This is my cat. She too knows what she likes.

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