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12 more days of February. Not that I’m counting. Scratch that, I am obviously counting. I just don’t like winter. It makes me so grumpy. I take vitamin D and B vitamins on most days but it helps bugger all. I have been thinking about getting a light-therapy light for those suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Discorder) but I haven’t yet and now all my hopes are on March. And April. And so on.

Most members of my family have been sick on and off for the past 2-3 weeks which makes homelife even more ‘fun’ than it usually is with two stressed-out parents, one live-in grandmother with an OCD tidying habit (I can’t never find ANYTHING in my own house!) and two LOUD little boys.

Add to that paperwork for 4 people to get UK residency sorted out just in case because we’re all immigrants and Brexit sucks donkey balls. Add to that job insecurities for both money makers in the family because – see above re Brexit. Add to that possible plans to just relocate the whole circus (aka the family), which is kind of exciting but kind of sad as well because we’ve lived in London for 11 years and the kids have grown up here and I feel like we’re being pushed out just a few years too early and London is a funny old place – you hate it but you love it and you don’t know if you want to live without it or not…

The good news is that my manflu has almost left the building by now and I’m able to run and Crossfit again. And the Open starts next week – the most exciting 5 weeks in a Crossfitters life.

And did I mention – it’s March in 12 days!

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