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CrossFit Open – 17.2 done. Twice. Again.

Tralalalalaa – I’m still on a high from yet another CrossFit Open workout. I only got 6 minutes into it when I had to stop but the point of CrossFit and these Open workouts is not to Be The Best, it’s to Do Your Best.

For info, the workout was as follows:

Those lovely 35lbs dumbbells again. I love those heavy suckers. My shoulders are bruised and my butt is sore but I get a kick out of repeatedly picking up heavy objects so there. Happiness.

My first 17.2 attempt was Friday lunchtime and by then I didn’t have the order of movements or the rep numbers or when the tie break times were recorded 100% clear in my head so I faffed around a bit and ended up getting to the muscle ups in 7:20 with a tie break time of 6:28 (this workout is weird but if you didn’t do it then don’t worry if the times don’t make sense to you :). I was not too sure I was going to get a muscle up so I took a couple of minutes rest, gave it a few go-s and then called it a day.

On Sunday afternoon I repeated it. I hustled a bit more and rested a bit less because I was going for better tie-break times. I shaved a minute off my last tie-break time and had 5 good muscle up attempts. I don’t get the bar low enough though to be able to flip over but I tried my hardest and that is a good feeling. The atmosphere was great in the box too and that adds to the good feeling.

My palms ended up ripping but that’s nothing that hasn’t happened to me before and I’m sure 90% of CrossFit Open participants have their palms bandaged today.

Now that the bar muscle ups are out of the way, I’m excited for what’s to come for the remaining 3 weeks and I’ll just keep reminding myself this:

It doesn’t matter how fast you go, it matters that you give it a go.

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