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The emotional rollercoaster that is CrossFit Open continues

The 3rd CrossFit Open workout, aka 17.3, traumatised me a little bit, hence the little break in blogging. Hastag: dramaqueen 😉

I know it sounds overly dramatic, being “traumatised” by exercise, but when you love something a lot and take it really seriously, you ARE just a bit obsessed about it and when something goes wrong you don’t immediately bounce back. I mean you do when it comes to daily life, you don’t mope around about a workout going wrong but I just didn’t want to write about it.

The workout involved squat snatches at a weight that for the initial two rounds should not have been heavy for me but the trick was that they had to be full squat snatches i.e. you had to receive the bar overhead in a squat position below parallel.

This sentence made absolutely no sense to you if you’re not into CrossFit or weightlifting so in summary: it’s a very tricky move and due to various mobility issues, and a bit of a fear element, I cannot drop below parallel while holding 30-40kg overhead.


I struggled so much and got so many no-reps and just felt defeated and deflated afterwards.

I did not even consider redoing the workout. Actually, I did reconsider but decided not to put myself through that again.

17.4 was a repeat of 16.4.

It’s a bit of a mental beast with a large number of reps of a few movements:

I did it first time on the Friday it was announced and struggled with the deadlifts. I used a belt ‘just in case’ but after 20 reps felt like it wasn’t letting me breathe at all so I took it off. It helped with the breathing but my mental game was a bit interrupted by then and I couldn’t keep up with my plan of doing the deadlifts in sets of 5.

Once I finished the row my split time was about a minute slower than last year so that messed with my mind a bit for the rest of the weekend – I was happy with the two handstand push ups I got (last year I couldn’t do any) but that slow split time got to me.

I couldn’t decide for the longest time whether to repeat this workout or not but on Monday morning my back and hamstrings were feeling fine so I decided to give it a go.  It’s only during the Open that we get to ‘test’ our workout strategies by doing the same thing twice, I actually really like it. It teaches me a lot about my pacing and my mental preparation.

I did the workout by myself on Monday night, with just a judge. The deadlifts did not feel as awfully heavy as they had felt like on Friday. Maybe I knew what to expect so it wasn’t a shock to the system. I did all of them in sets of 5, broke up wall balls into 15s instead of 10s and TRIED to row a bit faster. I cut 40 seconds off my split time, got 4 handstand push ups (and 2 no reps where my heels didn’t fully go over the line). Happy days!

I actually really enjoyed doing it on my own, just focusing and not being distracted by a million people around me rushing about. Some days I think I have no self motivation and that I need a crowd yelling at me to go faster, but then I show myself that I am actually able to motivate myself and push myself hard without anyone else around.

Tonight is the last Open workout – it’s thrusters and double unders. Simple, sucky, fast. And I forgot to pack my jump rope 😛

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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    March 27, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Just sounds mentally hard core. You are amazing.

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    March 24, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    17.4 was my favorite! I did RX but it was kind of a cheat as I can’t do HSPU so I just stopped there but I didn’t want to scale all workout as deadlifts are my favorite and didn’t want to go light. There wasn’t much time left after rowing anyway 🙂 Have to scale 17.5 as have no DU 🙁 Good luck tonight.

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