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Working with brands: Are you/they really looking for a relationship?

In my last post about running photos I mentioned that blogging is serious business these days. Duh. Right. It’s been like that for ages now. It started slowly. When I first started my blog-life as a mummy blogger in 2005, the blogging world was very different. Now it’s no longer about a blog being your online diary with the aim to share experiences, now it’s BUSINESS, BABY!

While I still mostly keep my blog as a diary, I don’t mind working with brands once in a while. I think for brands, bloggers are a very effective advertising channel. Every blogger has a loyal group of followers and judging from how I myself behave, I do tend to buy stuff that a blogger I enjoy following writes about.

Magazines, etc. I don’t trust at all. Most bloggers I still trust. But not super-über-popular ones or those who JUST do one review/sponsored post after another with no glimpse into their own life or their own personality. 

So I get it. Advertising via bloggers make total sense.

However, bloggers tend to take this a leeeeettle bit too seriously. I’m constantly bombarded with “tips” like “brands are looking to build a meaningful relationship”.

Are they? Really?

I get that brands find blogs they like and that bring in the $ for them but can you call it a “meaningful relationship”? It’s just advertising, no? Blogger gets some, brand gets some. Thank you very much. Let’s do it again one day.

When it comes to working with brands, I’m not sure I’m ready to “build a relationship”, I’m just happy being “friends with benefits”.

Does this make me a “bad blogger”? I don’t really care, to be honest 😀 I happily write about stuff that I think is great but I don’t expect a promise ring from any brand.

When I review things I always make sure I do a good job – a blog post & different social media for an extended (agreed upon) time period. It’s a task I’ve taken on so I do it well. End of story. End of transaction.

And because I only review things that are amazing ;), I do often talk about them later on even months and months and months after first reviewing them, but only because I want to and not because I consider myself to be in some kind of long-term relationship…

What do you think? Do bloggers take working with brands too seriously or is this how it’s supposed to be these days?

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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    December 8, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    My blog is still basically my diary. Sure I’ll happily do reviews and work with brands if it sounds good to me and it fits, but I’ll never stop rambling about my runs and what I eat. I get SO bored of sponsored content. Two of my old favourite blogs have, over the year, changed so much into this area I’m reluctant to continue reading them. I hate it when people morph into what they think they should be writing….

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