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New beginnings

On 1st of March things changed. After 12 years of having my mother live here in London with us, she got in the taxi at 5am to head to the airport and fly back to Estonia. I didn’t sleep much that night. Partly because I knew I had to be up early, partly because I felt super guilty that I’m sending her back NOW – into the freaking epicentre of the Beast from the East.

I slept a total of 4 hours, my husband took the kids to school in the morning, I did my 6.67 hours at work and made it to the school a little before 4:30 to pick them up. At 5:40 I left for an evening workout at my new CrossFit box – CrossFit 1971 South Wimbledon. I felt super tired and jetlaggish due to the lack of sleep but the new box has a booking system and I just couldn’t make myself cancel the very first class I booked.

It took me 10 minutes to walk over. It’s weird to have CrossFit that close to me (they’ve only been open for 5 months), the convenience of it is super exciting. In that very first class I managed to get a 3 rep clean & jerk PB with 55kg but when the fast workout started – with 35 wall balls (a stupid number of reps at a time), 10 burpees over the box and 15 kettle bell swings for 12 minutes, I all of a sudden felt so fatigued. But I got through it and was home 15 min after finishing, with plenty of time to hang out with the boys and get them ready for the next day.

On Friday I didn’t have to do the morning school run either so I went to work a bit earlier to get a couple of extra hours done so I’d have them ‘in the bank’ for the rest of the month. I also got lucky with the afternoon school run as the little kid was going to a sleepover and was therefore picked up by somebody else, and the teenager is big enough to come home by himself. So I just came straight home after work, ate pizza with the big kid, made a snowman with him and watched some X-files.

On Saturday morning I headed to CrossFit again. It’s so close it would be wrong not to go more often than I used to 😉 I’ve managed to remember quite a few names already so I feel like I’m making progress in settling in. It’ll take a while until it feels like home, I know that, but there’s no rush. I’m only 3 days into my new routine and even though I’ve hit the ground running*, I’m sure there will be hiccups along the way as this “new normal” becomes just “normal”.

*Not literally though because my foot starts hurting every time I try to run even for a few minutes. I need to see a doctor. And get it fixed. And then see how running will fit into my new routine.

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