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Domestic ******* Bliss & other short stories

March, the Month of Many Changes is over. And how did it go? New work schedule, no more grandma in the house, school runs before & after work, endless laundry, Crossfit in the evenings?


First the kids got sick, one after another. Then the husband.

Then the washing machine stopped working but we for it going again.

Then the dishwasher stopped working but we didn’t get it working again. First we didn’t hear the maintenance guy’s knock at 7am on a Saturday (who DOES that?!?). Then we rescheduled for the next week, the guy came at a respectable time of 7:30 this time, worked on it for a long time, gave it a clean bill of health and then in the evening when we tried to use it again – nada. Error G3765xy7810&@! again. Back to washing the dishes the old fashioned way.

The vet left me 84 messages that the cat’s vaccinations are overdue.

The boys school is sending no less than 573 emails a day. Mostly at 8pm along the lines of: cricket season starts tomorrow! How exciting! The boys will need their cricket whites, a bat, a helmet, leg pads and abdomen guard (has nothing to do with the abdomen).

Oh and one of the kids had mutant nits that wouldn’t die! I used every darn poison available but they did.not.die! I ended up picking them out. One by freaking one. That’s how I’ve spent my free time in March.

Due to the illnesses and malfunctioning house appliances, I worked from home quite a few days for the first time ever and I’ve been converted – working from home is amazing! Drinking my own coffee (coffee machine is still going strong, thank the lawd!), dialling into conference calls that last for hours while wearing sweatpants & looking like Queer Eye is about to knock on the door. It’s great, I’m a slob very low key at heart.

In conclusion I can say it’s been a bloody brilliant month! After 12 years of living with my mother, ALL the hassle in a day is ours again. ALL of it we get to do OUR way. It’s brilliant!

At one point I started to moan about all the laundry that has to be done and folded and put away, all the lunches that have to be packed, all the STUFF that has to be picked up from floors all.the.time but then we gave the kids some new rules and the stuff I need to do, I deal with – it’s not stuff I HAVE to do, it’s stuff I GET to do!

For my household, for my kids. Tidying up, pottering around, rearranging stuff, restoring order in cupboards, all of it without any “friendly guidance” – domestic ******* bliss (said with absolutely no sarcasm).

And now we’re off to Mallorca for a week and then my mom’s back for 3 weeks 🙂 When the Easter school holiday is 3 weeks, we need nana back – there’s only so must hustling & juggling kids and work we can do ourselves!

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