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The New Normal


A bit scary at first, but cute and cuddly in hindsight

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In many ways I don’t like routine at all.

I can’t eat the same thing for breakfast every day, I can’t do the same type of exercise every day, when we go on holidays I don’t like to plan ahead too much and prefer to just wing it on the day.

When it comes to everyday Monday to Fridays though, I had a pretty set routine for over 10 years and when it changed in March, it totally freaked me out.

My working hours changed, my Crossfit gym changed, my Crossfit workout times changed, my eating times therefore changed, my commute route changed.

I was afraid that:

  1. I wouldn’t like my new Crossfit box
  2. I wouldn’t have energy to work out at 6 pm, being used to lunchtimes
  3. Mornings would be chaotic trying to get the kids out of the house and to school and then myself to work
  4. It would be impossible to leave work at 3:30
  5. Working without a lunchtime exercise break would make me sleepy & grumpy in the afternoons
  6. Commuting 5 days a week (I used to have 1 day off) would be really tiring

What I’ve discovered is this:

  1. My new Crossfit gym is definitely not my old one BUT I’m getting used to the new crowd, new coaches and their coaching style, and I am really looking forward to scooting over most evenings.
  2. It took me a while to figure out just when and how much to eat during the day so it wouldn’t be too much or too little for evening workouts. Some days I still fail but this is only going to get better with time as I figure out what’s best for my body in the evening exercise routine.
  3. Weirdly mornings are less chaotic than they were with my mom here. It helps to just have one person shouting Teeth! Socks! Shoes! TEETH! Bags! SHOES! on a loop until everyone is out the door (MrB stays out of this & gets their lunches ready).
    As for getting to work after the school drop off, it’s totally ok! I don’t get a seat on the train (boo) because I leave later, and my route is different, but it only takes me 45 minutes and I’m still at my desk by 8:45, which is way before most of my colleagues show up.
  4. I have yet been held back too much and have made a 3:30-3:40 getaway every day. My oldest kid walks home by himself, the youngest stays in late class and it actually makes no difference if I arrive at 4:15 or 4:25. Sometimes he complains that I pick him up too early and he doesn’t get to finish his homework!
  5. Working without a Crossfit lunch break was hard at first. I felt a bit stir crazy by 3:30, but I think my brain and my body are adjusting. I make sure I go for even a short walk at lunch and don’t eat at my desk. That seems to get me through the day. I no longer want to do burpees or jumping jacks come 2pm just because I’ve been sitting down for so long.
  6. We’re all encouraged to work from home one or two days a week so as of this week I have Wednesdays at home again. I can’t go for a long run after school drop off as I did when Wednesdays were my part-time days off but it’s still nice to be not commuting one day and be able to hang out the laundry during “coffee breaks”.

I haven’t had to add running into this new routine yet as I’m still not allowed to run (hashtag injuredrunner gets used a lot these days) but I’ll deal with it even the time comes.

So yes, routine is nice and comfortable, but when your routine changes, your fears are likely to be bigger than what the reality proves to be 🙂

The New Normal kicks in sooner rather than later and whaddaya know – we, humans, are totally capable of change and adjusting.

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