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When summer does it right

Children in water

It has not rained in my neck of the woods in London since May sometime. That is a LONG time of continuous glorious sunshine and HOT temperatures.

It’s called locally as a ‘heatwave’ but I just like to call it ‘summer’.

As an Aussie-at-heart, I absolutely love it .

That sensation of hot air hitting your skin and your lungs as you exit a building makes me so happy because I feel like I’m back in Australia.

In the midst of all this heat, we’ve been out and about and making the most of the summer.

The outdoor swimming pool no longer requires a wetsuit…

… and when there’s no time to go to the pool but cooling down is needed, we bring the pool to us ;P

School has finished by now and the hectic time of all the end of year activities is done – leavers’ trips/dinners/parties, parents’ drinks, award ceremonies, sports days, mufti days, school picnics, lads’n’dads camping trip (that’s the photo above with all the boys cooling off in the Thames).

The uniforms have been packed away, Crocs & sunblock are out, and for dinner we eat a lot of watermelon and BBQ.

Summer is my time. I am very tempted to come off Citalopram right now but I make that mistake almost every summer and then am hit by anxiety big time every autumn. I will properly keep taking it for another 6 months and then see how I feel.

Today, by the way, is 19C and it feels absolutely freezing! The forecast though is for more hot days from tomorrow.

Happy days.

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