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Races of 2012


I ran 7 races in 2012, a number that I don’t actually pay much attention to as in the winter months there aren’t many races in London and half of the summer I usually spend in Estonia.  Here’s a summary of last year’s races:


Richmond Park 10km – April – Time: 49:07 – PB
First time for this race – it’s 2 loops of 5km and my Runmeter stopped working for some reason so I didn’t know what my pacing was while I was running.  I hate when that happens but I pushed myself and for the first time in my 3-year running “career” got  a 10km time that’s less than 50 minutes = happy.

British 10km – July – Time: 50:43
Amazingly I enjoyed the run despite the fact that it was pissing down rain the entire time AND the course was full of walkers! I was annoyed at the time, but weaving around all of them made me feel like I ran really fast.  The end time was a bit disappointing at the end but oh well.


Clapham Common 15k – May – Time: 1:20:44
Clapham Common 15k – October – Time: 1:20:33 – PB
I have run 10km races on Clapham Common before but probably won’t do either that nor the 15km distance there any more – the course is awfully windy and it makes you constantly slow down.  Plus, the constant twists and turns mean that Runmeter does not register time/distance correctly.

Half marathons

Brighton Half Marathon – February – Time: 1:53:51
It was my first time running this race and I found the route a bit boring due to just long straight stretches. It was very scenic running along the coast but it was a very windy day so I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. I’m not dying to run that race again but I might one day just to beat that slow time.

Royal Parks Half Marathon – October – Time: 1:47:24 – PB
A beautiful sunny day running through central London – I pushed myself to get a PB and didn’t therefore really look around at all the sights. Very happy with 1:47:24 🙂

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2012

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2012

Run to the Beat Half Marathon – October – Time: 1:49:05
Run to the Beat is special to me as it was my first race I ran in 2010 after the husband had signed me up for it 6 months before it even though I had done no running!  This year I ran without music and just looked around and inhaled as much of the atmosphere as possible – I can’t wait to run it again next year.

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