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A little bit injured

Today I ran 1.54km.

That needs an explanation, right?

Well – for a week my left knee has felt a bit funny. Not when walking or running, but painful when sitting cross-legged or kneeling. Having little kids means I’m constantly down at their level in either of these positions and at first it was just painful to get up, but then it started hurting even being in these positions.  The pain seems to be somewhere behind the knee, it’s not something I’ve had before so I have not idea what could have caused it or what exact muscle/ligament/wheateverelse it is that’s not cooperating at the moment.

Added to the knee issue, I had to run in my Converse yesterday morning. As I was taking my oldest son to school, he remembered half way there that he didn’t have his blazer in his backpack. Usually I would have just let him go to school without it but he had an assembly that morning and was meeting his year 4 teachers in the afternoon – both events required his school blazer. Without it he’d get a disorder and to him getting a disorder is THE END OF THE WORLD.

So I walked him to school and then ran back to the bus station, ran home from the bus stop close to home, grabbed his blazer and ran/bussed back – all in 30 minutes with morning traffic and in jeans and Converse 😐  I made it to his assembly totally sweaty and panting but only a few minutes late and just in time to see him get his end of year certificate.  Something in my left ankle was hurting though AND the top of my right foot was sore too.  Running fast in Converse = not.a.good.idea.

I quickly booked a sports massage for the evening – I’m sore from CrossFit all over anyway and I thought these legs of mine really need some attention asap.  The massage was excellent and a lot of painful spots were ‘ironed out’ – they were everywhere from my neck to my bum (from CrossFit), to my ITBs, hamstrings and calves (from running + CrossFit). It hurt so good and I was ready to do a short 10km run this morning.

The knee that doesn’t let me kneel doesn’t hurt at all when in motion so that part of running was ok, but my left ankle was too sore to be comfortable. At first I thought I’d do 8km, then I thought maybe 6. A minute later I thought 5km would be enough. A few minutes later the pain got worse and I stopped and walked back home.

I’m not too bummed or distraught at the moment. I know it’s just a little niggle that will heal if I give it time.  Today is another warm summerish day so I’ll do a lot of walking like I did yesterday (kids, school, nursery, errands). I probably won’t run until my next 10k race on Sunday. I’m optimistic that I’ll be ok by then.

As for this morning – more time to drink coffee in the sunshine while the kids are out of the house 😀

Hopefully the house won’t fall down on me, we are missing a few walls downstairs:

This will be the new kitchen / dining / living area

The view from the door that used to lead to the dining room and kitchen.

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    June 26, 2013 at 7:38 am

    How are you managing that kind of building work with kids around??? We’re having a lot of work done and it’s enough for just the two of us, let alone having kids around that need to be bathed, fed and taken care of generally. You’re a trooper!

    • Reply
      June 26, 2013 at 11:41 am

      The loft was done first so now we have two bedrooms and a bathroom up there. The ground floor is blocked off now but a temporary kitchen has been set up in one of the bedrooms on the 1st floor. The only annoying thing is the building dust everywhere and the absence of an oven 😐

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    The title was going to be: So why am I not totally ripped yet? - Mind over Matter
    June 22, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    […] week has been “different”. I have not gone to CrossFit or done any running since that 1.54km on Wednesday. I have felt ridiculously tired and a little bit broken. I have thought about sleeping all the time […]

  • Reply
    June 19, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Fingers crossed you are in less pain very soon! Esp as you have been setting such great times…

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