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11 days

Another school year has finished. My oldest will be going to year 4 in September and my youngest will start Reception. This photo was taken on Friday at the 4-year old’s nursery where they had a ‘graduation’ party.

We have really lucked out with nurseries for both of the boys but with the second one I wasn’t as emotional about him finishing it because I already know the school he’s going to (same as his brother’s) and I know he’ll love it.

I took Friday off and had a long weekend with the boys. The weather was beautiful and all four of us just hung out outside as much as possible.

This morning we took my mother and the boys to the airport and they flew off to Estonia. For the next 11 days until I fly over, we’re HOME ALONE! 😀

I’m intending to use these 11 days to the max. Today I did CrossFit at lunchtime AND went for a run in the evening. I feel a bit nauseous now as I never run after dinner 😛 but I’ve learned a lesson and tomorrow I’ll postpone dinner until after my run.

And now I’m off to bed because I’m not used to exercising twice a day and I’m soooooo sleeeeeepy.

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