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Trying out something new: bouldering

This week has flown by with a label of “rest & recovery” firmly attached to it. Sometimes the body needs it, in tough training cycles it’s recommended to do an easier week after every 3 weeks and even though I’m not in official marathon training yet, I have increased my mileage for the past 3 weeks so this rest week came at a good time.

Today I skipped my long run and joined the boys for their usual Sunday morning rock-climbing / bouldering morning. My 8-year old does a rock climbing course at White Spider Climbing every weekend while my youngest plays in the play castle and my husband does bouldering.

Bouldering, by the way, means climbing without ropes and only to a height at which falling down onto the mat is not going to hurt you. You pick a ‘problem’ and try to solve it – every route up has a separate colour and every colour ‘knobs’ have a difficulty grade, getting to the top only using that colour knobs means you’ve solved the problem.

I did mainly the easiest grade problems today with a few ones the next grade up. It was good fun but hard on my hands – what stopped me after an hour was that my hands were really sore.


While we were solving our problems, my 5-year old happily played in the kids castle.

I never thought rock climbing would be something that I’d try (I didn’t even know the term ‘bouldering’ existed until a few weeks ago) but I’ve somehow become a little less “narrow-minded” in the last few years. Mainly because:

I never thought I’d be able to run…

I never thought I’d be able to lift heavy weights or climb a rope…

I never thought I’d enjoy swimming…

I never thought I could do 90 minutes of yoga in +40°C heat without passing out…

I have learned that you never actually know whether you can or can’t or enjoy or don’t until you try. And trying different things is fun 🙂

I will probably never do bouldering or rock climbing in nature as it does scare me a little (height, hard surfaces to fall on, etc.) but I have learned to never say never so let’s just leave it at that.

How was your weekend? Did you try something new?


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    November 25, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Good for you! Bouldering is fun..I prefer route climbing and was a tad obsessive for many years and like you I never thought I would/could climb.
    There is a lot of amazing places to climb/boulder as a family outside and it could lead to some incredible trips in the future?
    Your hands will get less sore with more bouldering and if you get into it you’ll find yourself going into a lovely ‘zone’ a bit like on a long run and it’s a great escape from the pressures of everyday life 🙂
    This weekend I did try something new..I attended a spin/circuit class and loved it..Like you say..you never know until you try.

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      November 25, 2013 at 11:15 am

      Good to know the sore hands can be ignored 🙂 Now a spin class is something I haven’t tried yet – maybe next weekend!

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