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Running was good in 2013, what will 2014 bring?

I’m back from Australia. Suffering a bit from post holiday blues but at the same time ready to make the best of the life I have here in London and enjoy 2014.

Before I dive into the goals and aspirations for the new year, I looked back at my running stats for 2013 and even though it feels like I haven’t been running much at all for most of the year due to loving Crossfit too much AND having this on/off ITB/calf/painful to kneel issue, the numbers have added up alright.

In 2012 I almost ran the same distance – 1543 km, the year before the number was 1128 km.

The highlight of 2013 was of course my first marathon in Paris, which I ran in 3 hours 56 minutes and 49 seconds. I have signed up to run it again but am almost scared that the experience second time around won’t be as meaningful/emotional/amazing. It doesn’t help that my on/off problem leg is currently in the ‘on’ phase.

I will sit down tonight and write up my training plan, stretch and roll my ITB and next week start Bikram yoga again. I’m so hoping that I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about running another marathon in a week or two.

I’m not making any speed goals this year. Last year I hoped to run 10k in 46 minutes and a half marathon in 1:46. I’m only 1-2 minutes away from those times but I’ve realised that it’s not that important to me whether I manage to run at those speeds – I just want to have a good injury free running year, complete Paris again in less than 4 hours and have the strength to enjoy my second marathon in Milton Keynes a month later.

So – onwards and upwards! My 4th full year as a runner has now started!

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